Best Health Drink for Adults in India – Nutritional Drinks for Adults (2020)

Are you the person who gives importance to fitness and health? Are you looking for the best and good Nutritional Drinks for Adults? Then you are in the right place today in this article, I am going to list the best health drink for adults in India.

In the past, foods contained all the nutrients but in today’s fast-food world, nutrition drinks become necessary to get the essential nutrients for our body. Though there cannot be compared with the full meals, they are enriching with essential nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, E, etc… They come with different delicious flavors and improve the immunity and overall health of an adult.

There are many health drinks brands in the market; we have picked you the top 5 Best health drink for adults in India so without further adieu let us get into the topic.

Nutritional Drinks for Adults

Best Health Drink for Adults in India


Ensure Complete, Balanced Nutrition drinks for adults

Ensure Complete, Balanced Nutrition drinks for adults

When we first search for the best health drink for adults, we come across many companies and brands which claim themselves as the best, so we researched the reviews and feedbacks of their users. Then we find this drink, it has a maximum positive review base from its genuine customers.

It is filled with nutrition and it also tastes good, because of these reasons many experts and doctors in the medical field have recommended this drink. It helps in keeping a high energy level. Another great advantage we see in this health drink brand is that it is available in both smaller and bigger sizes. So you can order the small package and try it out. If you like it you can move to a bigger size.

Key features:

  • It comes with the two flavour options Vanilla and Chocolate.
  • The components are scientifically tested and proved that it has 32 nutrients that include essential nutrients like protein, calcium, and Vitamin D.
  • The ingredients like folic acid, Vitamins, Zinc, and manganese in this drink boost immunity and prevent infections.
  • It is also recommended for the bodybuilders as this is efficient in increasing the muscle mass and supporting digestive health.
  • It boosts the metabolism and keeps you brisk.

Ensure Nutrition drinks for adults Pros & Cons

  • Tastes delicious
  • Quick results
  • Improved energy levels and immunity
  • A bit expensive
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Protinex Health drinks for adults

Protinex Health drinks for adults

Here is the second-best thing found in our research, Protinex. It is one of the most sold and demanded health drinks among consumers. As by its name, this supplement has a high amount of protein that comes from a vegetarian source. So it is a well-known health drink among the athletes, sportsperson, and gym aspirants.

Along with the basic daily protein requirement, this also meets the needs of essential vitamins and nutrients. Another reason for its great demand in the market is its five flavours. This makes it more likeable; you can try each flavour and select the one you like.

Key Features:

  • Its low-fat feature helps in maintaining a lean body mass for the athletes
  • Protinex has more protein content than any other options or alternatives available in the market. It has 50% more protein, this makes it the best choice for sports and fitness aspirants.
  • It is reported that if you consume this health drink regularly it can boost your stamina and resistance against the diseases.
  • This helps a lot in the growth and repair of muscles, organs, and tissues, so some doctors prescribe this supplement after surgery.
  • Here are the five flavours of the drink, Original, Chocolate, Elaichi, Vanilla, and Fruit mix.
  • It’s known for its excellent results in maintaining body gestures and recovery from illness.
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JumpStart Revivifye Wellness protein Adult Nutrition Health Drink

JumpStart Revivifye Wellness protein Adult Nutrition Health Drink

In our long research for the best health drinks for adults in India, We come across this unique, fantastic, and efficient health drink. JumpStart protein health drink is the best nutrition drink for Indians, but all its ingredients are imported from Belgium, Japan, and Israel. This is what makes it unique.

In this list, this drink is which is proved with more scientific facts. All the ingredients are patented, microencapsulated, and bio-optimized. This secret formula for this drink is developed by international scientists and doctors. This efficient supplement is available at an affordable price with the chocolate flavour in the market. This nutrition drink helps to fast recovery from illness and improves the antioxidant defence system of the body.

Key features:

  • This health drink fulfils all the guidelines and regulations of the Indian Council of Medical Research.
  • All the ingredients used in the drink are approved by the well-known medical institution like the US FDA, GRAS.
  • This supplement mainly concentrates and benefits the weak cells, muscles, and joints.
  • It is enriched with antioxidants that help in maintaining health and protects infection.
  • This drink is clinically tested and proven for the human body.
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Maxvida balanced Nutrition Supplement

Maxvida balanced Nutrition Supplement

When you think of the best health drink for adults, you can’t ignore Maxvida. It is a balanced nutritional supplement that is scientifically formulated with 32 ingredients. Those ingredients include the certified adultery nutrients such as dietary fiber, antioxidants, hemo nutrients, and bone nutrients.

Like the first one this supplement also available in two sizes named as a starter pack of 200g and a savings pack of 400g. Both packs are available in tasty chocolate flavor.

Key features:

  • This health drink supports normal haemoglobin formation, thus increase the rate of red blood cells and increase oxygen circulation.
  • It has several other advantages like gluten-free, cholesterol-free, and Trans-fat- free.
  • It meets the Indian Council of Medical Research and nutritional needs as per Indian RDA.
  • By its nutrients like antioxidants, it boosts the immune system.
  • It has a high-quality dual protein with PDCAAS score 1.
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Himalaya health drinks for adults

Himalaya health drinks for adults

Well, I don’t need to introduce the Himalaya brand to you guys, Himalaya is a well-known and trusted company in India. They provide various quality products at an affordable price. This brand has a wide range of health drinks for adults, children, women, and pregnant moms. The key point of their products is they are produced by the natural ingredients.

Like their other products, this health drink contains a combination of herbal ingredients that covers both macro and micronutrients. It helps in overall physical and mental growth and boosts the immune system.

Key features:

  • This drink covers all the ingredients that give balanced nutrition to adults.
  • Macronutrients provide energy and promote growth and development. They are beneficial to overall body functions.
  • Micronutrients cover the additional nutrients that are required in different physiological states.
  • It comes in a chocolate flavour and small packs, best to give a try.

Final Words

After our long research, we have computed this list of best health drink for adults. We recommend Ensure Complete Balanced Nutrition drink, as it has all the vitamins and nutrients. Consuming a health drink for 6 to 8 weeks may show you a noticeable change. If you are not satisfied you can try the next one.

We formulated this best health drink for adults list by examining various factors like price, availability, ingredients, flavors, feedbacks, and function. But you may have different choices, so buy a small package and try it. Before the purchase of any health drink read carefully the instruction, ingredients and it also well and good to do a web search about the product.

I hope our review helps you a lot, for getting more review on Indian products check our other blogs if you have any queries share them in the comment section below. If you are the user of the above-mentioned products please share your ratings, thus we can know your list of best health drinks for adults in India.

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User Rating: 4.82 (11 votes)
  1. Product is good as usual, Vanilla taste is awesome, and you get this at a better price than market.Abott has done a good job by splitting the powder in 2 individual packets of 500gm each, so you have the option to open only 1 packet at a time for consumption instead of opening the whole 1kg packet which may attract moisture.Note: Please don’t pour the product in a container, use the foil pouch for better result.

  2. I am purchasing this for my grandmother she loves this product and she is using this product from last two year and I see result of this product on her fitness and emunity this is realy emunity booster product, she also love it’s taste, I sent this product every month to my grandmother becouse Ensure is not available in any shop easily and thank you amazon for your fast delivery as always- this product also build lovely connections with me and my grandmother…

  3. It was actually recommended by my Doctor, the product is good i am feeling the difference after taking Ensure.The container which they are providing is not good it is cheap plastic, better to change the container (of course… product matters not the box … )

  4. Total value for money exactly replicates the taste of ensure usa readymade bottles …no tonic taste as we usually get from these kind of powders …..awesome delivery by amazon as always…wish they have lightning deal on this soon …

  5. I buy this product frequently from last 8 months for my parents and now it’s a essential product on my monthly grocery list. Totally reliable product for sr.citizens(still concern from your doctor before use in case of any medical conditions) for being internally fit. the only issue is it’s price bit expensive but for long term it’s totally fine.

  6. Product tastes bad also the plastic container is very weak and not suitable for powder the entire product a shady feel…Looks like I wasted money on this product

  7. I have been giving ensure to my mom for the past three month and there has been a dramatic change in her after drinking it. My mother used to suffer from knee pain and she cannot walk continuously for ten minutes. Then my friend suggest me to give Ensure to my mom. First I tried the chocolate flavor she didn’t like that taste than much as an hater of chocolate. Then I brought her the vanilla flavor she liked the taste and she started taking it regularly. After a week I could find many changes in her body language before she used to be dull and finding very difficult to do even small work. Now I am finding her playing with kids continuously for hours without getting any tiredness.Thanks to Ensure for bring back my mom’s health and activeness!

  8. #Protein is essential for building muscles.So the reason why you are going to buy this product,is definitely that you want to build/develop your muscles and get stronger.But it is hardly going to help you achieve your goals.#I have not consumed this product,I am going to judge this product on the basis of the nutrition label.#Amount of Protein:*If you are consuming one scoop of protein after workout, let’s assume the size of the scoop to be 25 grams.Then you are getting only 8 grams of protein (Source = Nutrition Label)*In comparison to Raw whey protein, which gives you 20 grams of protein per scoop(Scoop=25gms)Two Whole Eggs has about 8 to 10 gms of protein.#The Sugar Content:One scoop of this product contains 8 grams of Sugar (Source: Nutrition Label)Raw whey contains zero sugar.We all know how bad processed sugar is for our health”According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the maximum amount of added sugars you should eat in a day are for Men 37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons”You will be consuming sugar from other sources as well,so that’s a whole lot of sugar.#Pricing: I have read many comments saying that – “Since the price of the product is less,the amount of protein we get is value for our money”Wrong!!Let’s do some maths.*Currently the price of 400 gms of “Protein X” is 460 rupees,so the price of 1kgs = 1150 rupeesOut of 1 kg of “Protein X” you will get only 320 grams of proteinDividing 1150/320 = 3.59 Rs for 1 grams of protein*Now let us see what we get from Raw Whey Protein.Price of Muscle Blaze Raw whey protein is 1400 rs for 1kg.You get 800gms protein(80%)Dividing 1400/800 = 1.75 rs for 1 grams of protein.Protein X = 1gms for 3.59 rsMuscle blaze= 1gms for 1.75 rs1 Egg white = 3gms for 5 rsConclusion: If you want to build muscles and don’t want to compromise on health by eating added sugars, then don’t buy this product.If you are on a tight budget buy Raw whey protein.If you have some budget buy Isolate whey protein.If you don’t want to consume protein through powder that’s fine too.You can get adequate protein buy consuming eggs, chicken, fish, legumes, paneer, soyachunks, etcPlease Note: I am not promoting any brand.The brand I used in comparison was just for reference purpose.You can use any brand you like🙂🙂

  9. Something wrong with this one. When I purchase it from market I like it. But not this one.

  10. Do not buy this one. Formula changed lot of chemicals added which leads to serious side effects like migraine and insomia. Myself a victim. Got my system detoxified with veggies and green tea for few months to flush out the side effects of this product.

  11. Very good drink. The protein is less but can try.250ml milk + flax seeds or peanuts fistfull + 25gms of protinex = good amount of proteins.Can try

  12. Dont know why but the taste is different from what I had used earlier.. this ones like coco powder.. earlier it used to get mixed properly with the milk now it doesn’t.. the powder consistency is like horlicks..

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