Which is The Best BP Monitor for Home in India 2020

Are you the person who faces the Blood Pressure Issues frequently? Is your work is stressful and Involves more physical activities? Then you will be in the need of the 24/7 BP Monitor, Today in this article I am going to share you the full information relating to the question which is the best BP Monitor for Home in India 2020?

Blood pressure is a variable, that’s it changes time by time. So you or your doctor cannot decide your health level by a single measurement. So that is why you should have a BP monitor with you to know your most accurate results. Which is the best BP Monitor for Home in India? Here are our top 3 picks for you.

Which Is the Best BP Monitor for Home in India?


Omron Hem 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor

Best Overall
Omron HEM 7120 review

Well if you ask me which is the Best BP Monitor for Home in India? Without further thinking I will say Omron Blood Pressure Monitor. Omron HEM is the leading Japanese International brand in the health Industry. By its innovation and intelligence HEM, 7120 promises the best and accurate result of the users.

Features & Specifications

Automation – Now everything is becoming automatic, but the automation technology used in this monitor is in some way better than others, they help to detect even the slightest changes in the patient’s blood pressure.

Accuracy – Speaking of the accuracy of the device, it is accurate to about 40 mmHg. Highly advanced technology is utilized by the way of oscillometric used in this device. This is records every second and slight change in the blood pressure.

Easy to use – It is user friendly, even-aged people and illiterate peoples can use it easily. It has a large LCD screen display by this the patient can easily see the readings without much hassle. And the one-touch button or operation makes the operation easy. The bright backlight in the back helps you to read the measurements in the dark or night.

Fits to everyone – And they fit every person’s hands, the cuffs are designed to fit every person irrespective of the ages or size. The range of the cuffs differs between 22 to 32 cm. This covers the small and medium-sized wrist, Wait what if your wrist is big, they also give a solution to this problem. If your wrist is big you can opt to the bigger cuffs which range between 22 cm to 42 cm.

This cuff also covers both sides of the display thus protect them from fall damage or scratch. This makes it highly durable. And the rubber used is light in weight so, they are not the burden to the wearer also they don’t move or slide from the wrist of the patient, thus every single measurement is recorded.

Efficient – Other than the above-said features it is efficient in many ways like it is durable, compact to every person, and easily movable. It is easy to store it in a simple bag so you can carry it to any place. It also comes with five years of warranty and lifetime support for the product.

You can read our detailed Best Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor Review in India.

Pros & Cons of Omron HEM 7120 BP Monitor

  • Intellisense Technology
  • Cuff Wrapping Guide Lamp
  • Good Battery Life
  • Could be connected and monitored via a smartphone
  • Hypertension detection
  • Body Movement detection
  • BP Level indicator
  • Single touch operation
  • Lifetime support & 5 years warranty
  • None to be mentioned.
Thus for me, Omron is the best choice with minimal operation error. And it also comes with many useful features.
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Health Sense Blood Pressure Monitor

Health Sense Blood Pressure Monitor

Though Health Sense second in the list, it is no way inferior to the former. Health Sense is an Indian Company that is recognized by its audience for creating world-class Health Care Products. It deals with health care and various home appliances. As among one of the Health Sense Heart-Mate BP, 120 is the best monitor that operates based on the WHO provisions.

As in the former is uses oscillometric technology to record and the accurate measurement of the blood pressure. And it also has a large display and bright backlight which makes the visual easy and simple to the viewer. This display shows the date, time, and data of the users.

Even all the features are the same to the Omron HEM 7120, here us where it differs from it, it is capable of dual powering methods. That means it can be powered by the 4 AAA batteries and also by the 6 volts adopter. Well technically speaking it has three ways charging, it also supports USB port. So you can simply attach it with your laptop or power bank to charge when you are in travel.

Apart from giving you accurate readings it also provides you various kinds of alerts like low battery, error indicator, or reading errors. An accurate reading is only possible if only a person, so it alerts if there is body movement during the measurements. It can accurately measure both the systolic and diastolic, these distinct will be very helpful for heart patients.

And the cuffs are pretty same to the Omron they are available in a wide range of 22 to 42 cm thus it can fit every person or size. Following the WHO provisions the Health Sense BP monitor can store 90 accurate readings for future provisions. Thus it has many qualities to former, here is why it is in the second in the list of which is the best BP monitor for Home in India. The drawback of it doesn’t have the feature of connecting to the Smartphone and it has only one-year manufacturing defect warranty.

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Dr Trust Automatic Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Dr Trust BP Monitor

Dr. Trust is also a reliable American Brand that has its e-commerce store in India, Well it has all the features foresaid in the above two products. The Uniqueness is talking or voice instruction. This helps the aged and blind people. And it does in both languages English and Hindi. Thus it has a high response in the Indian market.

And this Dr. Trust Talking BP Monitor also detects the irregular heart rate and it also has an LED indicator. It comes with a 5-year warranty. And it also has a low error in operation, 4 AAA batteries or USB, universally adjustable cuffs, Fulfill Who Compliments.

All your daily recordings or measurements are saved in the memory, later they can be transferred to other devices through USB. The Smart can save up to 120 sessions of two different customers. And you can also encode the details of both users; it gives results according to their health condition and age. So if you ask the doctors which is the best BP monitor for Home in India, they will defiantly recommend DR. Trust

For a detailed review of the Dr Trust BP Monitor please check my blog Dr Trust BP Monitor. There I have reviewed every feature of the Dr Trust Blood Pressure Monitor.

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Final Words

Well by now you should have decided which is the best BP monitor for a home in India?, but if you ask me I will say the Omron HEM 7120-L Blood Pressure Monitor as the best because of the outstanding features. Other than that it has a very long battery life and 5 years warranty. The prices are reasonable to the quality at the same time they are affordable.

I hope my review on the heading Which is the best BP monitor for the home in India, has helped you to select your ideal Blood Pressure Machine for home use, If you have any other queries please share them in the comment section. If you have used any of these products please share your comment on them. Let us see which is the best BP monitor for the home in India? Based on your comments.

Disclaimer: All the information given here are for your knowledge and educational purpose, please consult your doctors before purchasing and follow the prescription given by your doctor to improve your health.

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  1. Using this machine since July 2018, its not so precise as mercury manual one doctors use,The readings are +/-5~ points difference in average, which will always be in every Automatic BP monitor.I tested this machine with various aspects, My BP was 150/100 initially when i brought this machine, i started practice mudra meditation for blood pressure. I literally see the Reading was drastically reduced 120/80 and I can feel the change in myself as well. I test manual everymonth once and immediately check with automaticI recommend 4 STAR..

  2. I bought the health sense product a month and a half back for my mom as a present. She has used it at the maximum four or five times. So in a broad sense, the product worked fine. But this angry review stems from my irritation of having to write a review just so I could get an extended warranty on the product. Any decent medical company would suggest a review but not make it mandatory for a warranty. Thanks, health sense for this let down of a promotional scheme!

  3. I thought it was excellent. Within a week it started giving ERROR.Complaint has not been resolved. Chasing them over 2 weeks.

  4. My grandma whose blood pressure is mostly in the normal-high normal region, complained of dizziness and I immediately tested her BP using this monitor and the reading was 190/100. We immediately took her to the emergency hospital where the doctor confirmed the reading and gave her a lasix injection which brought down the reading in a few minutes. We possibly averted an emergency situation, thanks to the accurate reading of this monitor.

  5. Poor product, stopped working after 5 months, always shows Er2 !!! No one picks up the call when tried for warranty !!!

  6. I have orderd 4 such machines as a gift to my relatives due to their problem of BP .This machine is very useful to the patients of BLOOD PRESSURE for measuring sudden change in thier BP .it saves the money which doctor takes just for measuring the pressure . as it digital , on jus one touch we can get the accurate BPit is very easy to use even for the old peoples they can check themselves .a chart for the blood pressure measurment is given which helps to find the category of pressure i.e high , med, low…in the bronchure all steps of using the machine are given very detailed in easy language.th machine comes with 4 PENCIL CELLS .it also has the 6volt dc to charge.any android charger may workcomparitively this machine is better than the others . as per my opinionthe company has given 1 YEAR WARRENTY to this product .

  7. Micro USB port is very helpful. No need of batteries.This product has some inherent errors.If the meter shows your BP as Hyper: Subtract 20 from both Sys & Dia readings.If the meter shows your BP as G3: Subtract 15 from both Sys & Dia readings.If the meter shows your BP as G2: Subtract 10 from both Sys & Dia readings.If the meter shows your BP as G1: Subtract 5 from both Sys & Dia readings.If the meter shows your BP as Normal: It is actually normal.If the meter shows your BP as Optimal: Add 5 to both Sys & Dia readings.I have done these experiments at our colony hospital over a period of 3 weeks.

  8. I bought the product a month ago and it’s stopped working. Have replaced batteries and yet it’s stopped. Need to know the replacement policy for the same as its under warranty. The product while it was working is really good. I probably have got a defective item.

  9.  Sharing my personal experience.(1) I initially bought Dr Morepen BP-11 on flipkart. But it does not support charger and work via cells only. Reading also fluctuate in that.Then I purchased Dr Trust from Amazon which supports both cells and mobile charger (usb cable).(2) Readings are accurate till now. I have measured several times, no fluctuations.(3) Store readings of 2 users separately. Record 120 readings of each user.(4) Talking functions is nice add-on. Supports both hindi and English.(5) Free thermometer.(6) I comapred all bp monitors, and can tell you can go for this product definitely.

  10. it gives erronius readings which keep on changing it is so risky to have it for b p readings , teh programming function does not work it is covered under warranty so request the company to attend to my very urgent and serious complaint

  11. Excellent product. Purchased for my parents and very much satisfied

  12. I don’t write any reviews; unless a product or an experience has been outstanding. I purchased this product over two months ago. There is a one pager instruction which instructs or encourages customers to write a review. What review does the company expect immediately after purchase? The very concept of forcing customers to write a review is disappointing & grossly incorrect. The sealed batteries do not have more than 20% charge on installation – wonder why the company provided such cheap batteries. The product is definitely not outstanding- except for the black & white combination. The voice / talking facility is of no use to me. You get much better products in the market at a much lower price (20-30) % cheaper. Best avoidable. You need to decide if you would really like to trust Dr. Trust Products!! Well, you get a freebie – a thermometer. Finally, a stupid & ridiculous policy – u get an additional 4 year’s extra warranty; only if you register your product / purchase details in the website

  13. I bought this product seeing the good reviews. However I feel most of those reviews might have been given to get the extended 5 year warranty as they ask you to send the screenshot of your review to avail the extended warranty.The product seemed to be good at first. When I started taking my reading I found it to be very low (100/60). I am suffering from borderline high BP (130/80) and wondered how my BP became so low all of a sudden. I asked my brother, who is a doctor if I am using it correctly. He suggested some changes to how I was placing the cuff. I was hoping that the low readings were because of that. But even after following all guidelines given by both the manufacturer and my brother I continued to get low readings. So I decided to cross check it with the doctor’s instrument. I found that my BP was 120/80. I knew I couldn’t trust this instrument to accurately measure my BP so I returned it.

  14. Very easy to use. Even I am not from medical background, didn’t need to read user guid even for the first time. And voice assistance is very helpful for my parents to take reading even without spects. It was recommended by 2 doctors to me. I will definitely recommend others.

  15. This is very bad product,Not work properly,Same time same prsone different results,Some more issue1.- when start air in cuff monitor is loading…2:- when loading monitor automatically off this product3:- Results are not genuinePlease solutions this iteams

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