Best Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor Review in India

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Having a blood pressure monitor at your home is helpful to you and your doctor in getting a clear idea of the blood pressure levels. To get the most appropriate results along with a comfortable fit, you need to buy the best monitor. In this article, I am giving you a detailed Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor Review in India. So read the full article…

Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor comes with a bunch of premium features. It detects irregular heartbeat if it varies by more than 25% and also takes note of your previous measurement for health purposes. It accurately measures your blood pressure and pulse rate with easy one-touch operation.

Omron HEM 7120 BP Monitor Specifications

  • The Omron HEM-7120 is a compact and fully automatic blood pressure monitor,
  • It operates on the Oscillometric principle for accurate measurements & results.
  • It measures your blood pressure as well as pulse rate with easy one-touch operation.
  • Cuff Size: It fits Arm Circumference (22-32Cm),
  • The device uses its advanced “IntelliSense” technology for comfortable controlled inflation without pressure pre-setting or re-inflation. It can detect even a slight pressure change and thus resulting in most accurate measurement.
  • Omron HEM-7120 can also detect irregular heartbeat.
  • It is packed with Body Movement indicator and blinks if your systolic or diastolic pressure is above or below the standard range (above 135 systolic/85 diastolic mmHg)
  • This product is primarily designed for general household use.
  • Country of Origin: Vietnam

Inside Box:-

  • BP Monitor – 1
  • 4xAA Battery pack – 1
  • Medium Cuff, 22 to 32 cm arm circumference
  • Instruction manual & Warranty card
    (No AC adapter provided. it needs to be purchased separately. However, battery works well for months. But still, it would be a nice add-on.)

Warranty and Services:

Omron HEM-7120 comes with 5 Years Brand Warranty and lifetime support provided by the company. This Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is guaranteed to meet your standards.

Please read our detailed Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor Review before buying…

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Features of Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

OMRON HEM-7120 Blood Pressure Monitor is fully automatic blood pressure monitor loaded with enhanced Intellisense technology to deliver accurate measurements with ease of use. This BP machine comes with a Simple One-Touch Operation.

The device measures systolic, diastolic pressure and heartbeat rhythm accurately. Omron HEM-7120 is a compact blood pressure monitor which works on the Oscillometric Principle to measure your BP and pulse rate accurately. Read our Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor Review in India.

Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor Features

Irregular Heartbeat Detection

An irregular pulse is a heartbeat rhythm that differs by more than 25% from the average heartbeat. This OMRON blood pressure machine detects and shows the irregular heartbeat while measuring the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Body Movement Detection

The Digital blood pressure monitor bounds the user to retake measurement when an error is detected due to the movement of the body while taking the measurement. Hence assures you to provide accurate results.

Last Memory

Omron BP machine keeps the last measurement in its memory. Thereby relieving the user from the hassle of manually recording their last measurements.

Very Easy to Use

Digital BP machine has an easy one-touch operation which detects precise and reliable blood pressure measurement. We have written a detailed Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor Review in India. You can read the full article before buying.

Hypertension Indicator

If your systolic or diastolic pressure is above or below the standard range, the heartbeat symbol in the Omron HEM 7120 will blink when the measurement result is displayed.

Enhanced IntelliSense Technology

Omron HEM 7120 BP device is featured with IntelliSense technology. It gives accurate measurement with comfort and ease of use. IntelliSense is a unique technology which monitors the blood pressure machine to inflate and deflate at the optimum level for every individual user.

Advantages of Enhanced IntelliSense Technology

  • Fully automatic
  • Personalized inflation for maximum comfort
  • Quick deflation releases valve for speedy measurement
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Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Hi everyone, in this article, we will give you a detailed Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor Review in India. We will see some of the descriptions of this blood pressure monitor given on the box  It includes warranty features, size and manufacturing details of the product.

Omron HEM 7120 Review

Box Content:

Contents in the box: our blood pressure monitor main unit, arm cuff of medium size, a user manual, a warranty card and a 4AA alkaline batteries.

Features include a cuff wrapping guide indicator if the cuff is wrapped snugly body movement indicator, detection of irregular heartbeat and a hypertension indicator which blinks when the BP is above 135 by 85 measurement range. For blood pressure is zero to 299millimeters of mercury and 40 to 180 beats per minute for a pulse. 

This model has a memory of 30 measurements and accuracy of plus or minus 3 millimetres of mercury. For blood pressure and plus or minus 5 percent of the display reading for pulse. Omron has the enhanced IntelliSense feature, in which monitor inflates the cuff to the normal level with each to use & no adjustments are required by the user.

And for people with certain arrhythmia or heart disorders, their blood pressure is likely to fluctuate. The advantage is personalized inflation for maximum comfort. This chart shows a comparison of the features of various BP monitors by Omron. Feature comparison of model reviewed.

Body & Design

Here you will get a detailed Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor Review. You will be seen front side of the main unit has indicators for systolic and diastolic blood pressure pulse. A memory button and a start, stop button. 

The back of the main unit which has a lid for AA batteries, which comes out of the box the arm cuff has markings to ease the tying on the arm. It should be tied 1 to 2centimeters above the elbow and at the level of heart, this particular cuff is moderate in size and forearms with a circumference of 22 to 32 centimetres only. For size above or below this range, different size cuffs can be bought separately.

Now we will show you how the cuff should be tied properly so arm has to be put inside the cuff with tube facing downwards and towards the body. Make sure to tie the cuff tight enough so that fingers cannot be inserted between the cuff and the arm. You measurement of blood pressure when the star come stop button is pressed. The cuff will start inflating, do not move your arm or body during the measurement.

To avoid any errors you after the cuff deflates you can check the blood pressure and pulse readings and press the start come stop button again to turn off the monitor. And disconnecting from the main unit you can remove the velcro of the cuff and remove the blue plug from the monitor. If you are done with the measurements make sure you take three blood pressure readings which are 15 minutes apart. And considering the average of the three readings as your final blood pressure.

Omron HEM 7120 Performance

The currently measured blood pressure reading on the main unit this is a close-up view of the display on the monitor. When you press the start button the cuff will start inflating and the pressure shown on the display will start rising. ‘Okay’ sign indicates that the cuff is tied properly and hafsteinn will blink during the measurement. Down arrow indicates that the cuff is deflating you. Read full Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor Review.

When the measurement is done the readings can be seen this is the systolic blood pressure and this is diastolic blood pressure. And pulse rate viewing the memory for previous blood pressure readings by pressing the memory button. Previous readings will be shown on the screen this is the most recent measurement. And pressing the button again will show reading previous to the shown earlier. 

You could see that on 151 systolic blood pressure reading the heart icon is blinking. That means that the blood pressure is higher than 135 by 85. This particular model has a memory of 30 readings display. It has multiple icons which show different types of things like a regular heartbeat movement, error, low battery symbol.


  1. Remove the battery cover and install batteries with the correct polarity.
  2. Insert air plug of the cuff into air jack of the device.
  3. Put cuff loop along the arm as per markings on the cuff with lower edge 1-2 cm from the elbow.
  4. Close the cuff fabric fastener firmly.
  5. Press the start button on the device.
  6. Wait till it inflates and deflates cuff and all three reading are shown.
  7. If any error is displayed, see the user manual for possible cause as per error code chart.
Omron HEM 7120 User Guide


  1. Cuff should be applied on the same hand every day, with its lower end approximately 1-2cm above elbow.
  2. When applied, cuff and heart should be almost on the same level.
  3. Use the same arm for reading every day.
  4. Your body must be relaxed while it’s working.
  5. Try to use use the same chair or location for reading every day.
  6. Also, try to take the reading on the same time every day
  7. Bathing, alcohol or caffeine consumption, smoking, exercising, eating should be avoided for at least 30 min prior to taking the reading.
  8. Cuff should be closed firmly, neither too tight nor too loose.
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Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor Alternative

Omron HEM 7120 is one of the best Blood Pressure Monitor. However, if you want & your budget allows, you can choose from other alternatives also. You can read our detailed Dr Trust BP Monitor Review.

Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor Review

9.8 Total Score

Well, everyone is not in the need of BP monitor, still, in India, it is considered as the luxury product. So I am not marketing it to you, I am just sharing my Omron HEM 7120 review. But, if you plan to buy it or if you are in the need of it. Then I will recommend Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor as the best choice for you. It comes with all the core features which are sufficient for BP monitoring. Also, the price is reasonable.

Easy to use
  • Good quality & Easy to use.
  • Fairly accurate BP readings (max +/- 5 to 10).
  • Last reading memory.
  • Used & recommended by some doctors even.
  • Good battery backup.
  • AC adapter not included and is optional to purchase. But don’t worry its battery works well for several months.
User Rating: 4.83 (18 votes)
  1. I bought the health sense product a month and a half back for my mom as a present. She has used it at the maximum four or five times. So in a broad sense, the product worked fine. But this angry review stems from my irritation of having to write a review just so I could get an extended warranty on the product. Any decent medical company would suggest a review but not make it mandatory for a warranty. Thanks, health sense for this let down of a promotional scheme!

  2. I thought it was excellent. Within a week it started giving ERROR.Complaint has not been resolved. Chasing them over 2 weeks.

  3. My grandma whose blood pressure is mostly in the normal-high normal region, complained of dizziness and I immediately tested her BP using this monitor and the reading was 190/100. We immediately took her to the emergency hospital where the doctor confirmed the reading and gave her a lasix injection which brought down the reading in a few minutes. We possibly averted an emergency situation, thanks to the accurate reading of this monitor.

  4.  Sharing my personal experience.(1) I initially bought Dr Morepen BP-11 on flipkart. But it does not support charger and work via cells only. Reading also fluctuate in that.Then I purchased Dr Trust from Amazon which supports both cells and mobile charger (usb cable).(2) Readings are accurate till now. I have measured several times, no fluctuations.(3) Store readings of 2 users separately. Record 120 readings of each user.(4) Talking functions is nice add-on. Supports both hindi and English.(5) Free thermometer.(6) I comapred all bp monitors, and can tell you can go for this product definitely.

  5. it gives erronius readings which keep on changing it is so risky to have it for b p readings , teh programming function does not work it is covered under warranty so request the company to attend to my very urgent and serious complaint

  6. Excellent product. Purchased for my parents and very much satisfied

  7. I’ll never buy another product from Dr.Morepen. The machine they sent me was working for 2 weeks and then stopped working. Sent it back to them for repair/service in a months time. They sent me back an old dirty machine which is being used by someone else. This is how their warranty works, replaced a new machine with a very old dirty machine being used by someone else for a long time. How can they do this? Giving one star because I cannot give anything less than that. Atrocious service.Update: after my protest, they sent ma a new unit.

  8. Very bad product… don’t buy it. I had ordered two for my family. At starting it was working fine but just after 6 weeks the results which instrument was showing were fluctuating horribly within fraction of seconds. Found this product useless on accuracy parameters.

  9. This device never gives you the accurate reading. After one year usage it never worked. Machine fails to pump to 190 reading after one year usage with inaccurate readings. It shows like battery is drained when I used new batteries. I have also checked with adapter, still it is not working properly. Waste of money

  10. Reply
    ⚡ Pushpendra Singh Patel ⚡ August 11, 2020 at 9:04 am

    Both my mother and father have BP issues, though it’s just minor and they are on medication. Still I thought of getting one BP monitor which can be effectively used to monitor BP on daily basis. I had an eye on this model since a long time.Owing to its good history in this field, I went for its product by Omron. I chose basic model, as it’s cheaper and does the primary task of BP measurement. Rest all gimmicky features can be avoided.This machine is quite handy on said task. Using it is easy for everyone, and even your elderly parents can measure BP on their own.•••••••••••••••INSIDE BOX•••••••••••••••1. BP Monitor2. 4xAA Battery pack3. Medium Cuff, 22 to 32 cm arm circumference4. Instruction manual & Warranty card(No AC adapter provided. it needs to be purchased separately)•••••••PROS•••••••1. Portable quality product with good looks.2. Easy to use with one touch operation.3. Bigger text display. A big thing for elderly people.4. Systolic & Diastolic pressure measurement with heart rate sensing.5. Fairly accurate BP readings with max +/- 5 to 10 variation compared to analogue monitor.6. Fairly accurate heart rate readings. I compared its reading with two different bands with heart rate monitor and readings were same, in fact more accurate on this device.7. Last reading memory. To access, press and hold start button for 5 secs.8. Used & recommended by some doctors even. Though max rely on analogue ones.9. Cuff wrap have printed guide for its usage, min max marks, arrow indicator etc.10. Good battery backup, which lasts for months (depends entirely on your usage pattern though).11. Omron Connect app to save readings and visualize them.••••••••CONS••••••••1. Screen zone have soft plastic & not hard plastic screen protection.2. There is no direct link b/w device and Omron connect app. You need to scan reading on display using app. Its OCR then converts and adds it to daily data.3. AC adapter not included and is optional to purchase. Though battery works well for months. But still it would be a nice add-on.▶ So far it does its job well. Cons are neither big enough nor directly affecting the primary task. So owing to its price bracket, its a 5 star device.•••••••••••••FEATURES•••••••••••••1. Pulse rate and BP monitoring using Oscilloscope.2. Body Movement and Hypertension indicator3. Irregular heartbeat detection4. Last reading memory5. One touch operation6. Low battery indicator7. Support for AC adapter••••••••••••••••••USAGE GUIDE••••••••••••••••••1. Remove battery cover and install batteries with correct polarity.2. Insert air plug of cuff into air jack of device.3. Put cuff loop along arm as per markings on cuff with lower edge 1-2 cm from elbow.4. Close the cuff fabric fastener firmly.5. Press start button on device. (DO pay attention to tips below)6. Wait till it inflates and deflates cuff and all three reading are displayed.7. If any error is displayed, refer user manual for possible cause as per error code chart.▶ It’s recommended to take 3 readings on an interval of 2-3 min, to get better average and further correct value.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••TIPS FOR ACCURACY IN READINGS••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Readings vary with many factors and then people complain with inaccuracy in readings. These are minor things but overall they create deviations in reading and sometimes by large margins.1. Cuff should be applied on same hand everyday with its lower end approx. 1-2cm above elbow.2. When applied, cuff and heart should be approx. on same level.3. Use same arm for reading every day.3. Body must be relaxed while it’s working.4. Use same chair or location for reading every day.5. Time of reading should be same everyday6. Bathing, alcohol or caffeine consumption, smoking, exercising, eating should be avoided for at least 30 min before taking reading.7. Cuff should be closed firmly, neither too tight nor too loose.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••WARRANTY (Valid for full 5 years against your Amazon provided bill)••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Many users commented on warranty issue that its 5 year extension is not applicable since invoice or warranty card is not stamped and signed.Websites warranty terms & conditions also say “The OMRON products shall have a ‘carry-in warranty’. The customer’s copy of the warranty card (Sign & Stamped) along with the INVOICE must be kept by customer in ORIGINAL for Warranty support service “So to clear it out I got in touch with Omron support with bill copy provided by Amazon and they assured for 5 years extended warranty against bill/invoice from Amazon. Pdf bills are also digitally signed and have green tick on top left corner for that.▶ Omron Support: “Your machine is eligible for 5 year warranty. Kindly keep this Bill Invoice with you for future reference.”(Tried to attach snap of mail but was not approved due review guidelines. If anyone still need it, feel free to contact me.)•••••••••••••••••••FINAL VERDICT•••••••••••••••••••This one’s very basic model but more than sufficient for the quoted task of BP monitoring. It does its job well without having gimmicky features. Those features are handy but not necessary for core functionality.You can very well go for this model and be assured with its performance. For rest there’s 5 years warranty.▶ If you can extend you budget you can get other higher end models in series, but note that those have same core functionality with extra features like clock, last 60 memory, Bluetooth connectivity, cuff wrapping guide light, blood pressure level indicator etc.▶ If your cuff size goes beyond 22 to 32 cm arm circumference, then do get higher end models like Omron 7270 which have large cuff wrap. As getting good quality spare large cuff wrap will be a costly affair and extra hassle too.P.S. Regular monitoring is different but always consult doctor in case of any doubt and do not self-diagnose the results. Its home based monitoring device & not meant for professional usage (as mentioned by Omron in manual).

  11. I ordered this product on 5th August, 2018 and am giving it’s review after 2.5 months… First of all don’t give negative review… This product is awesome but you have to know how to use it and my friend who is a medical equipment expert told me how to use it properly .. You just have to take 3 readings with the difference of 1 min each of the same hand in proper position as the doctor takes in hospital and then take the average of all three… I ensure you the readings will not vary too much.. yeah , it consumes battery.. but, I haven’t changed the battery till now…means 3-4 months, the battery works, and we use a lot… Go for it… For the patient with pressure problem, it help you to decide whether to go to hospital or not… Reduces effort and doctor checkup charges…

  12. The product works fine and packaging looks perfect, but I saw the warranty was of 5 yrs extended and for that to work the warranty card had to be signed and stamped which the seller did not do, even the in voice was not signed entitling the warranty to be void. So that was not the deal on part by the seller.

  13. I use it daily and the machine is not accurate at all. A difference on 5-7 points in the BP is fine but with this machine the difference sometimes is 20-30 points and in some cases more than that. Within 5 minutes the reading is completely different.I checked my brother’s BP and it showed 118/53. After about 5 minutes it was 129/34. And after that it was 198/177.The return isnt possible now otherwise would have for sure!

  14. This was recommended by our doctor and after using for more then a week I find the accuracy and repeatability very good.I take three readings with a gap of hundred counts in between each reading and the last two reading comes with excellent repeatability.

  15. I received the product 2nd Oct,2015. It is a very good product also it display irregular heartbeat. easy to handle. reading is very good. AC adapter is also available with the product. You can buy. I am using with the AC Adapter. I recommend purchase the product.Before purchasing the product many of my friend advice that that kind of system is very bad and reading is very poor. But the product is very very good.

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