05 August, 2021

Yo Yo Honey Singh's Five Biggest Controversies

India's first successful rapper, Yo Yo Honey Singh, has been involved in some serious controversies over the years. Have a look!

By Rishabh Naudiyal

When SRK reportedly slapped Honey Singh

During the film, Happy New Year's 'SLAM! The Tour' in 2014, reports were rife that Shah Rukh Khan had slapped Honey Singh for not turning up in any of the film's events.

However, Honey Singh had denied these reports in his conversation with the media. The rapper had even added that Shah Rukh Khan was one of the few celebrities who had called him during his low phase.

Honey Singh and Badshah's fight in Delhi

Despite working together, Honey Singh and Badshah had turned from friends-to-foes real quick. It had started after Honey compared Badshah with the Nano car.

After which, Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah were reportedly attending a common friend's party in Delhi, where they had indulged in a physical fight. But, none of them has ever addressed these reports.

When a girl registered a criminal case against him

In 2018, Honey Singh had made a comeback in the music industry with his viral single, 'Makhna'. The song was a hit across India, but a criminal case was registered against him in the court.

In her complaint, Punjab State Women Commission's Chairperson, Manisha Gulati, had stated that she wants a ban on Honey Singh's song, Makhna, for using vulgar lyrics like 'Main Hoon Womaniser'.

Nationwide protest to hang Honey Singh

In 2013, the whole nation was cursing Honey Singh for reportedly singing the inhuman track, 'Main Hoon Balatkari', and people were on the roads demanding to hang or put him behind bars.

An FIR and PIL were filed against him in the Chandigarh High Court, and after a lot of investigation, the court had recovered no proof that he has sung the song. In the end, HC dismissed the case.

Honey Singh's wife accused him of sexual violence

Honey Singh got married to his childhood girlfriend, Shalini Singh, on January 23, 2011. Shockingly, in August 2021, Shalini had accused Honey of sexual and mental violence.

The court has also issued a notice on the plea filed by the rapper's wife via Karanjawala and Co. under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.

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