19 July, 2021

Vinod Mehra And Rekha's Alleged Love Story

One of the most appreciated Bollywood jodis in the 1970s was of Rekha and Vinod Mehra. But their alleged marriage is still unforgettable.

By Rishabh Naudiyal

Vinod Mehra's Mother Had Reportedly Beaten Rekha

According to reports, Vinod Mehra and Rekha got married secretly. When Vinod had taken Rekha to his home to inform his mother, she had nearly beaten the actress with a sandal.

Vinod Mehra's Mother Allegedly Abused Rekha

Sadly, Vinod Mehra's mother got shocked and was furious, realising that Rekha is her daughter-in-law. The actor's mother had started abusing and humiliating her.

Vinod Mehra's Mother Told Rekha To Go Away

Despite Vinod Mehra's multiple tries and requests, his mother hadn't let Rekha get inside her home and told her to go away right now.

Vinod's mother was way too agitated and she had reportedly taken a sandal in her hands to beat Rekha, which was enough to break her soul into pieces. After this, Rekha ran towards the lift in tears.

Rekha Talked About Vinod Mehra's Mother

In the year 1973, in an interview, Rekha had talked about Vinod Mehra's mother and had stated that his mother wasn't a big fan of her ideologies and had always thought that she's a 'badnaam' actress.

Rekha had stated, "To her (Vinod's mother) I am not just an actress, but I am a badnaam actress with a rotten past and a reputation for being a sex-maniac."

The actress had also added that because of Vinod, his mother had tolerated her for some time in the beginning, but later, she had gotten completely furious at her.

Vinod Mehra And Rekha Remained Friends

After the incident, Vinod Mehra and Rekha still managed to keep a beautiful bond with no hard feelings for one another and had decided to move-on in their respective lives.

Rekha's Tragic Love Life

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