25 November, 2022

Unknown Facts About Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant’s life story is no less than a Bollywood film. Let's take a look at some unknown facts about the controversial queen, Rakhi.

By Mamta Roy

Rakhi Sawant’s real name

Rakhi Sawant is often termed as Bollywood’s sex symbol. Her real name was ‘Neeru’ before she entered the film industry, but the reason why she changed her name from Neeru to Rakhi is still a secret.

Rakhi’s stepfather and siblings

Rakhi’s mother had an ugly split with her hubby. After which, Rakhi adopted her stepfather, Anand Sawant’s surname. She is also blessed with two siblings, Rakesh and Usha, who work in Bollywood.

Rakhi’s acting debut

After going through many sleepless nights and hardships, Rakhi finally bagged her first film, ‘Agnichakra’ in 1997. However, she picked Ruhi Sawant as her screen name as Neeru was not finalised.

Rakhi Sawant-Mika Singh’s kiss controversy

When Rakhi attended singer, Mika Singh’s birthday party, out of nowhere, he grabbed Rakhi’s face to kiss her forcibly. She even filed an FIR against him, but Mika never apologised to her.

Rakhi’s mother cursed her to death

Every media channel had broadcast Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh’s kissing video, which made her mom, Jaya Bheda upset. So much so that she cursed Rakhi should’ve died the moment she was born.

Rakhi did odd jobs

Rakhi worked as a waitress at business tycoon, Anil Ambani and actress, Tina Munim’s wedding for Rs. 50 per day. She was only ten years old, when she was doing these odd jobs to earn money.

Rakhi’s life in ‘chawl’

Rakhi grew up in Mumbai’s ‘chawl’ area. Once in an interview with GR8!, she opened up on how her parents never allowed her to go out and play but allowed her to go anywhere to earn money.

Rakhi as an enthusiastic politician

After trying her hands at modelling and acting, Rakhi formed her own political party named ‘Rashtriya Aam Party’. After experiencing consecutive defeats, she opted out of politics.

Rakhi was allegedly arrested by Punjab police

Rakhi is known for her bold statements. But once she got herself into trouble by stating sage, Valmiki a murderer. Her derogatory statement irked the Valmiki community and she was allegedly arrested.

Rakhi’s relationship with Abhishek Awasthi

Rakhi’s affairs have always been a hot topic of gossip. She was in a 3 years relationship with Abhishek Awasthi. But when he went to apologise to Rakhi after their break up, she slapped him in public.

Rakhi’s infamous ‘swayamvar’

Rakhi Sawant is the first one to do ‘swayamvar’ on national television in India. It was a reality show, in which Rakhi had to choose the best partner for herself among many handsome participants.

Rakhi broke engagement with Elesh Parujanwala

Finally, it was Elesh Parujanwala who got selected in Rakhi Sawant’s long-running ‘swayamvar’. They exchanged ‘varmalaas’ in the show, and also exchanged rings. But later, they called it quits.

Rakhi and Dipak Kalal’s publicity stunt

Rakhi Sawant was about to marry the man of controversies, Dipak Kalal, in 2018. But later, in an interview with Siddharth Kanan in 2022, she called her marriage news with Dipak a publicity stunt.

Rakhi’s secret husband

Before entering ‘Bigg Boss 15’, Rakhi had confirmed in many interviews that she married Ritesh at JW Marriot. Later, she introduced him inside ‘BB15’ house, but netizens called her marriage fake.

Rakhi’s businessman boyfriend

After ending her marriage with Ritesh, Rakhi met a Mysore-based businessman, Adil Khan Durrani and lost her heart to him. The lovebirds are expected to tie the knot soon!

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