March 31, 2022

The tragic life of Meena Kumari

Legendary actress Meena Kumari made 92 films in her 33-year career and her life was marked by many tragedies. Check!

Oyinderila Muhuri

The tragedy started when she was born

Vinod Mehta mentioned this in his biography of Meena Kumari. He wrote that her father left her on a doctor's doorstep shortly after her birth because there was no money to pay the doctor.

Meet her husband Kamal Amrohi

Meena was introduced to filmmaker Kamal Amrohi by Kishore Kumar's brother Ashok. Later, when she met with a car accident, Kamal visited her regularly and the rest is history.

Kamal and Meena’s tragic marriage

Kamal was already married and the father of three children when romance was brewing between the two. When they were about to get married, filmmaker Kamal faced a financial crisis.

Finally, on February 14, 1952, at the age of 18, Meena Kumari married Kamal Amrohi in a secret "nikah" ceremony in the presence of her sister Mahliqa.

Meena and Kamal get married

Journalist Ali Peter John once described in one of his articles tagged "nikah" that Meena would be accompanied by Amrohi's friend Baqar wherever she went. He kept a close eye on her.

Other traumas in married life

Meena has to follow every rule laid down by her husband Kamal. These include her coming home at 6pm, no one being allowed into her dressing room, having to drive around in Kamal's car, etc.

divorce and alcoholism

Meena divorced Kamal in 1964 after a decade of dominant relationship. Afterwards, she suffered from depression and became addicted to alcohol.

Connection with Dharmendra

Meena Kumari bonded with Dharmendra after she separated from her husband. Although he never accepted their relationship, he always attributed the success of his career to her.

The last movie "Pakeezah"

Meena Kumari was addicted to alcohol and could not stop drinking, despite repeated warnings from doctors. At this time, a request came from ex-husband Kamal.

Meena Kumari threatened her ex-husband Kamal Amrohi to do the film Pakeezah if he agreed to divorce her. So, after the separation, she completed the film.

Tragic death

A month after the release of "Pakeezah," Minaj was hospitalized at St. Elizabeth Nursing Home. She was in a coma for two days and breathed her last on March 31, 1972, at the age of 38.

Nargis said: “Meena Maut Mubarak Ho”

After Meena Kumari died, her best friend Nargis wrote a long column for her in an Urdu magazine. She mentioned all the painful experiences Mina had gone through in her life.

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