February 14, 2022

The Men in Madhubala's Life: From Actor to Producer

Madhubala's love story is full of passion and tragic ending. Six men broke into her life, and she was left alone in the end. find out!

Author: Rishabh Naudiyal

The first female superstar in the history of Indian cinema

Madhubala experienced a series of heartbreaking incidents in his life. From falling in love six times in her life to being completely alone on her deathbed, here's everything you need to know!

Madhubala's childhood sweetheart Latif

Madhubala once fell in love with a boy named Latif. The last time they met, she gave him a red rose as a symbol of their love. He kept it with himself and placed it on her grave when she died.

Director Kidar Sharma's obsession with Madhubala

Kidar Sharma's one-sided love for Madhubala ended after a series of meetings. She realizes that she deserves someone better than a much older man, and therefore, she distances herself from Kidal.

Filmmaker Kamal Amrohi and Madhubala's love story

Kamal Amrohi and Madhubala were all set to get married, but the latter refused to share his experience with his first wife Meena Kumari. He wanted to keep the two of them in his life but it never happened.

Madhubala and Premnath’s love story

Madhubala and Premnath's relationship lasted for 6 months, after which the actress reportedly started distancing herself from him due to their different religious beliefs.

The iconic love story of Madhubala and Dilip Kumar

Madhubala and Dilip Kumar have been dating for nine years and have exchanged rings. According to reports, they ended their relationship due to the feud between her father and Dilip Kumar.

Zulfikar and Madhubala’s mysterious relationship

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's romance with Madhubala was short-lived as Madhubala was still reeling from his last breakup with Dilip Kumar. Her relationship with Zulfikar has always been a mystery.

Madhubala and Kishore Kumar’s love story

Madhubala and Kishore Kumar got married in 1960. Soon, she was found to have a hole in her heart, and doctors said she only had two years left to live. Kishore has distanced himself from her.

Madhubala is also known as "Valentine's Day Baby"

Madhubala never had a full love story, but that's ironic since she was born on February 14, 1933, which is Valentine's Day. Known as the Valentine's Day baby. Strangely, she was destined to live alone.

The tragic love story of Dev Anand and Suraiya

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