February 23, 2022

The love story of 'Maine Pyalkiya' actress Bhagyashree

Bollywood actress Bhagyashree has left many mesmerized by her innocence and on-screen performance. Come check out her adorable love story!

Kalash Khurana

Bhagyashree's first foray into Bollywood

Bhagyashree became an overnight sensation with the release of her debut film Maine Pyar Kiya. Soon, she took more than a decade off from the screen.

When she chooses love over career

Although Bhagyashree was offered many big projects, she said "no" to every one of them. The actress chose love over career and left Bollywood for the love of her life.

Bagishri's love story

Bhagyashree once spoke about her love story with husband Himalaya in an interview to Humanity Mumbai. She revealed that the two of them were in the same class and often quarreled.

She also revealed that they never dated and Himalayan didn't tell her he liked her until the last day of school.

Bhagyashree is a member of the royal family

As a member of the conservative royal family, Baggishri was not allowed to meet Himalaya or speak to him on the phone. When she told her family about him, they said she was too young.

When Bhagyashree broke up with Himalaya

Bhagyashree thought they should separate until he was sure she was the one. So, when he went to America, they broke up. Then, she signed her film "Maine Pyar Kia".


While she was filming the movie, Himalaya returned home and they all wanted to be together. However, her parents still disapproved and were firmly against their relationship.

Bhagyashree leaves palace to marry Himalaya

So, Bhagyashree decided to elope with Himalaya and they got married. They held a small ceremony at a temple in the presence of his parents Salman Khan and some other friends.

Bhagyashree leaves Bollywood to become a housewife

Shortly after her marriage in 1990, her first film was released and became a sensation. She became famous overnight! However, Bhagyashree decided to leave Bollywood for her husband.

Bhagyashree took a wise decision to become a homemaker and devote 100% of her time to her children and husband. She revealed that it brought her more joy than any blockbuster film!

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