April 8, 2022

Step inside Allu Arjun's 8,000 sq. ft. space. foot.modern home

The home of Telugu superstar Allu Arjun and his wife Sneha Reddy is nothing less than a dream. Check out their modern 8,000 square foot home!

Ekta Chanana

rectangular box shaped home

Allu Arjun's minimalist home has a unique aesthetic that is different from the homes of other celebrities. It sits on approximately 2 acres and has over 8,000 square feet.

simple living room

Allu Arjun and his wife Sneha Reddy have two children, Allu Ayaan and Allu Arha. The couple created a luxurious living room and kept it simple, with plenty of room for the kids to play.

White walls paired with original white marble floors make the living room more spacious. The lounge area also features gray sofas.

Dining area

Allu Arjun's restaurant offers stunning views of the outdoor swimming pool. The wooden dining table has a glass top with bench-like seating.

open kitchen

Allu Arjun's open kitchen is styled in white with a white marble island and a built-in stove. It also comes with brown wood cabinets.

Amazing swimming pool

Allu Arjun's home has a luxurious swimming pool, which is a perfect place for family gatherings. The whole family cooled off with a dip in the luxurious pool.

Colorful children's room

Allu Arjun's kid's room is one of the cutest places in their entire home because of how spacious it is. It’s kept simple and has lots of color too.

comfortable bedroom

We also stumbled across a picture of Allu Arjun's bedroom. Comes with a comfortable bed with a few cushions and white linens. The windows offer a beautiful green view of the garden.

Allu Arjun’s Rs. 7 Crore Truck

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