12 November, 2021

SRK's son, Aryan Khan's Unseen Childhood Pictures

As Aryan Khan turned 24, let's take a walk down the memory lane and witness some of the unseen pictures from his childhood.

By Pratishtha Ghosh

Aryan with his daddy, Shah Rukh Khan

A few months back, an unseen picture of Aryan Khan with his father, Shah Rukh Khan had gone viral over social media. His father had held him in his arms and had made us wonder how quickly time flies!

Baby Aryan making a funny face

This cutesy picture of Aryan Khan with his dearest father, Shah Rukh Khan proves that the little boy shares a very close bond with his father as he does not have to think much before doing anything.

Aryan Khan looks like a doll with his mother

This unseen childhood picture of Aryan Khan with his mommy, Gauri Khan is too cute to be missed. While the doting mommy basked in the warmth of her son, he had looked absolutely like a doll.

Aryan at a red carpet event with his family

Once in his childhood, Aryan had attended a red carpet event with his father, Shah Rukh Khan, mother, Gauri Khan and sister, Suhana Khan. This picture from his childhood is absolutely adorable.

Aryan got his father's genes since his childhood

Being the son of the 'Romance King' of Bollywood, Aryan Khan has been filmy since his childhood as he had winked while posing for the camera with his baby sister, Suhana Khan and daddy, Shah Rukh.

Aryan Khan plants a kiss on SRK's cheek

This unseen picture from Aryan's childhood in which the star kid could be seen planting a peck onto his father, Shah Rukh's cheek describes the love of a father and son.

The little munchkin with his parents

This rare picture of King Khan carrying his son, Aryan in a baby carrier proves that is a doting father. As he struck a pose with his wife, Gauri, little Aryan had preferred to look somewhere else.

Aryan Khan's smirking expression

This picture features little Aryan with his father, SRK and sister, Suhana Khan. However, he had looked absolutely annoyed and his smirk while posing for the camera had proved the same.

Aryan Khan is a black belt holder in Taekwondo

Aryan Khan has been participating in mixed martial arts since he was a child and also has a black belt in Taekwondo. In 2010, he had won a gold medal in Maharashtra Taekwondo competition.

Ananya Panday's birthday wish for SRK

In Ananya Panday's birthday wish for SRK, we had spotted little Aryan and Suhana. Aryan and Ananya have been friends since childhood and share a very good bond.

When Aryan Khan cried after losing a game

Aryan Khan was a very good student and captain of his school's football team. When he had lost a match he had cried over it and had looked quite sad and dejected as tears had dried up on his cheeks.

A replica of his father, Shah Rukh Khan

Aryan Khan is often compared with his father for his uncanny resemblance. However, this unseen picture from his childhood, wearing an uniform proves the same.

The hottest beach bum in town

Despite his tight schedule, SRK often takes out time for a family getaway. This picture from one of the vacations of the Khan family at a beach is too cute to handle due to little Aryan and Suhana.

An adorable picture from London

To wish him on his 24th birthday, Aryan's cousin, Alia Chhiba dug out an old picture from London. Though the picture was hazy and everyone's eyes were closed, it exuded the innocence of childhood.

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