August 10, 2022

Special “Mehendi” design for Raksha Bandhan

From simple to unique Raksha Bandhan special designs, here are some ‘mehendi’ patterns that you might take inspiration from. Swipe right!

Ankita Mukherjee

Mandala pattern

Raksha Bandhan is the festival of brothers and sisters. Sometimes it is very important to wrap the hands with mehendi. "Mandala" is a simple design that looks elegant and stylish.

Lace-up "Rakhi" design

One of the most popular patterns is the "tied raki" design. Many sisters will choose this design, which is very suitable for such occasions. It gives a beautiful look to the hands decorated with henna.

Simple rose "Rakhi" design

With the holidays approaching, many sisters don’t have much time on their hands. It looks beautiful for those simple rose pattern “rakhi” designs. It's quick, easy and appropriate for the occasion.

The intricate 'Raksha Bandhan' special

Some sisters like to decorate their hands with storytelling mehendi designs. What could be better than a sister tying "rakhi" on her brother's hand design? The details are sophisticated and stylish.

'Raksha Bandhan' design with message

Mehendi designs with the words "Happy Raksha Bandhan" are very popular nowadays. Many women wrap their hands with these graphic designs to add note to their brothers.

Brother and sister character design

Another trendy design is the 'rakhi' pattern on the hands which features silly caricatures of siblings with exquisite details. You can choose this design to express your love for your brother.

'Bhai' rakhi designs

The perfect mehendi design for Raksha Bandhan occasion is 'rakhi' in 'mandala' design with 'bhai' written on it. This unique and special pattern is very popular right now.

Simple and elegant design

Is there not much time left? Want a quick and easy design? You can always opt for a one or two finger mehendi design with a simple floral pattern like this.

Tips to Keep Your “Mehendi” Lasting

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