February 22, 2022

Raveena Tandon's controversial love life

Raveena Tandon has led a pretty bold love life in the past. From being cheated on to finding true love, her journey is commendable!

Ankita Mukherjee

Raveena Tandon enters Bollywood

Raveena is one of the most charming actresses of B-town. She made her Bollywood debut with the film Patthar Ke Phool and since then she has never looked back.

Akshay Kumar enters Raveena's life

This is Raveena's second film when she met Akshay Kumar on the sets of their first film together, Mohra. The song "Tip Tip Barsa" is still one of the biggest hits in B-town.

Start their love journey

Soon, they became Bollywood's hottest couple, not just on-screen but off-screen too! Their romance started to blossom and they were often seen spending quality time together.

Carefully prepared engagement ceremony

Raveena and Akshay both come from Punjabi families and their fans are speculating that there will be a grand wedding. However, the former couple held an elaborate engagement ceremony in front of their family.

Raveena, a protective girlfriend

Raveena is a protective girlfriend. When Akshay and Rekha's dating rumors started surfacing, Raveena stepped into their relationship during the shoot of 'Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi'.

Raveena breaks up with Akshay

Nonetheless, Akshay is now a family man and there was a time when he was known as 'Casanova' because of the many affairs he had. When things got out of hand, Raveena broke up with Akshay.

When Akshay talks about Raveena

Raveena and Akshay acted in two more films after their breakup. Akshay responded to all the rumors and said that they were only engaged and not married.

Raveena found her forever in Anil Sadani

After her ugly breakup with Akshay, Raveena stayed away from the glitz and glamor and raised her two adopted daughters alone. Then she met businessman and film distributor Anil Sadani.

together forever

The two gradually began dating and kept their relationship private. In 2003, after Anil's dreamy proposal, the two got engaged. On February 22, 2004, they tied the knot.

Raveena and Anil: a happy family

Raveena and Anil Sadani lived happily ever after. The couple has two children, Rasha and Ranbir. Anil also accepted Raveena's adopted daughters Pooja and Chaya and loved them like a father.

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