09 September, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II's Iconic Dresses And Hats

From a young girl to British's longest reigning queen, Elizabeth II had a fashion sense. And till her last breath, she stayed true to it!

By Ekta Chanana

From Lilibet to being the Queen of England

Queen Elizabeth II was fondly known as Lilibet, and at young age of 25, she was crowned the Queen of England after her father, King George VI's death in 1952.

Timeless style icon

Queen Elizabeth had an elegant fashion sense, even when she was wearing the brightest colour on a winter morning. In 1953, Queen donned a gown with delicate lace detailing, fit for a royal.

Fur wrap and tiara

In 1967, Queen Elizabeth left the entire world stunned by donning a fur wrap with glistening silver gown, diamond jewellery and her tiara for the premier of 'Doctor Dolittle'.

Experimenting with the gown

For those who think that Queen Elizabeth never experimented, well she did in her time. This picture is from 1976 Silver Jubilee, when she donned a gorgeous new gown and a statement crown.

The purple hat

Queen Elizabeth was also famous for a distinguished hat collections. In 1982, for a tour, she flaunted one of the most unusual purple hat with purple feathers.

Blue flower hat and the dress

During the same tour, Queen Elizabeth gave another style inspiration by donning a pleated blue dress with matching blue hat with a big flower.

The frothy-sleeved gown

Queen, who was always decked up in whimsical gown, had stunned the world again by styling a frothy full-sleeved gown for meeting with the President Ronald Reagan in 1983.

The floral gown

For a royal visit to Malta, Queen again stunned us with her pastel pink gown, pearl jewellery, brooches and floral hat.

Bright hues and sequence

In 1999, Queen's sequence covered gown rose many eyebrows. But the Queen didn't paid any heed and showed off her look with style.

The chirpy red

For the Queen's Golden Jubilee tour, she had opted for the brighted red coat dress and styled it with a purple hat. A look only Queen could carry off.

Styling the neons

Who said, Queen cannot wear the brightest colours? Well, Queen Elizabeth broke the notion by donning the neon green coat gown with matching neon hat, and her trademark pearl jewellery.

Queen Elizabeth's Diamond-Studded Necklace

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