September 9, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II's iconic dress and hat

From a young girl to Britain's longest-reigning queen, Elizabeth II had a sense of style. She remained true to this until her last breath!

Ekta Chanana

From Lilibet to becoming Queen of England

Queen Elizabeth II, affectionately known as Lilibet, was crowned Queen of England in 1952 at the age of 25 following the death of her father, King George VI.

Timeless style icons

Queen Elizabeth has an elegant sense of fashion, even when she's wearing the brightest colors on a winter morning. In 1953, the Queen wore a royal gown with delicate lace details.

Fur wraps and headdresses

In 1967, Queen Elizabeth stunned the world when she wore a fur wrap dress, a sparkling silver gown, diamond jewelry and a crown at the premiere of Doctor Dolittle.

try on dresses

For those who think Queen Elizabeth never experimented, she certainly did in her time. The photo was taken on her silver jubilee in 1976, when she donned a gorgeous new gown and a striking crown.

purple hat

Queen Elizabeth is also known for her outstanding hat collection. In 1982, during a tour, she showed off a most unusual purple hat with purple feathers.

Blue floral hat and dress

On the same trip, Queen Elizabeth wore a blue pleated dress paired with a blue hat with large flowers, giving another style inspiration.

Puff sleeve dress

The Queen, who has always worn outlandish gowns, once again shocked the world in 1983 when she designed a frothy, long-sleeved gown for a meeting with President Ronald Reagan.

floral dress

The Queen once again wowed us in a pale pink gown, pearl jewellery, brooch and floral hat during her royal visit to Malta.

Bright tones and sequences

In 1999, the Queen's collection of covered gowns caught the attention of many. But the queen didn't pay attention and instead showed off her style.

lively red

For the Queen's Golden Jubilee tour, she opted for a bright red coat dress, which she paired with a purple hat. A look only a queen could pull off.

Design neon lights

Who says the Queen can't wear the brightest colors? Queen Elizabeth defied that notion by donning a neon green coat gown with a matching neon hat and her signature pearl jewellery.

Queen Elizabeth's diamond necklace

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