September 3, 2022

Mira Rajput Kapoor's Hot Gym Look

Shahid Kapoor's wife Mira Rajput has a mouth-watering collection of athleisure wear. So, let’s take a look at her fitness and fitness outfits!

Oyinderila Muhuri

Scenic print leggings and cutout camisole

Mira is a fashionista and her looks speak for themselves! She paired landscape-print leggings and a cutout camisole with black sunglasses and sneakers.

Navy leggings and oversized top

Mira knows how to pair her cool and comfortable outfits with elegant accessories. She paired the navy leggings and oversized top with Nike sneakers, clear glasses and a black crossbody bag.

Graphic leggings and matching sports bra

Choosing colors is Mira’s specialty! For one of her workout looks, she opted for patterned leggings, a matching sports bra, and completed her look with sneakers and subtle makeup.

Graphic printed leggings, tank top and windbreaker

Mira looked stunning even in an oversized outfit. For this workout look, she wowed in graphic print leggings, a tank top, a windbreaker and Nike sneakers.

Mesh hollow leggings and dark gradient racer tank top

Shahid and Mira are also often spotted together outside the gym. On such a day, Mira opted for a unique pair of trousers paired with a simple vest, while her hubby looked handsome in a gray suit.

Tie-dye leggings and gray tank top

There’s no shortage of color in Mila’s wardrobe! She was seen wearing tie-dye leggings, a gray tank top, flip-flops and simple makeup for a workout look.

Zic-zac printed leggings and unisex sports bra

Mira looks great in all her looks and the same is often seen in her public appearances too. She once turned heads in zic-zac printed leggings and a unisex sports bra.

Fresh dewy printed leggings and white T-shirt

This socialite wife is someone who likes to play with colors. She was seen outside the gym wearing fresh, dewy printed leggings, paired with a white T-shirt and flip-flops.

Geometric pattern matching suit and oversized shirt

Mira's fashion sense is simply amazing and her public appearances prove it. She once stunned the audience in a geometric-patterned suit paired with an oversized shirt and bag shoes.

Bold printed matching suit paired with a black T-shirt

Mira's casual looks often catch the eye. For this fitness look, she chose a matching suit with a bold print, paired with a black T-shirt and sneakers.

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