21 October, 2021

Minimalistic 'Mehendi' Design Inspirations

Karva Chauth is just around the corner and it's almost time to prep yourself up for the festival. Here are a few 'mehendi' designs for you!

By Ankita Mukherjee

Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth is a festival for the married women who fast and perform a 'puja' for their husband's well-being. They can only eat after looking at the moon and they deck up for their loving partners.

Applying 'Mehendi'

On Karva Chauth, wives have to apply 'mehendi' on their palms and back of their hands. And it's not just for fashion but there are many traditions and rituals surrounding it.

Minimalistic floral patterns

People have much less time in their hands now. So, try out this simple, minimalistic floral patterned 'mehendi' design. Quick and easy!

Asymmetrical detailed designs

There are women who love to apply 'mehendi' in a very detailed way. You can try any kind of pattern, be it one-fingered or diagonal design or even asymmetrical designs on both palms.

Image Credit: Instagram

Creative patterns

Not all the time you have to apply 'mehendi' all over your hand. You can also apply on just your fingers to enhance them on your special day.

Subtle but interesting designs

We have seen floral designs in many ways. But how can you make it look interesting as well as minimalistic? Put small floral patterns in a distance from one another covering the whole part.

Criss-cross patterns

If nothing creative comes to your mind, go with the criss-cross patterns. It looks gorgeous on the back of your hand and it takes very less time.

Mandala design

Mandala designs are very popular. It can be adorned in no time and also makes your hands look beautiful.

Finger 'mehendi' designs

Karva Chauth brings out the most creative 'mehendi' designs of all time. A lot of women opt for just finger 'mehendi' designs with beautiful patterns to get ready for their day.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Facial motifs

Another pattern is very famous and that is carricature or facial motifs of the wedded couple. It looks quite fascinating!

Jewellery designs

Why would you need any 'haath phool', when your 'mehendi' designs can give you that effect. Ditch your wrist jewellery pieces and adorn it with 'mehendi' instead of that.

Bangle and moon patterns

There's a beautiful pattern where a woman adorns mehendi just around the wrist that looks like bangles. The centre mandala art also looks like a moon. You can also give it a try for this Karva Chauth.

Traditional style

Women opt for the traditional style of Karva Chauth 'mehendi' holding 'chhalani' along with the intricate patterns, which looks quite interesting.

Flower tree patterns

The more simple the pattern, the more edgy it looks. 'Mehendi' is an art that makes a basic design look exotic. Look here just a flower tree with a few dotted lines and it looks amazing! Try this out.

Spiral designs

Floral patterned spiral 'mehendi' designs look very alluring on the hands. It gives an edge to the 'mehendi' looks.

Unique pattern

Karva Chauth is a festival that brings out the creative side of oneself white drawing 'mehendi' patterns. Look at this one for instance.

Intricate and gorgeous

Patterns are never enough. Mix and match with floral patterns and maze-like designs together to make it look extraordinary.

Darkened 'mehendi'

There's a saying that 'the more your mehendi darkens the more your husband loves you'. So, how to do that? Well, there are some homemade tricks like lemon sugar and clove steam which you can try!

Long-lasting 'mehendi'

From mandala to diagonal designs to facial motifs to floral patterns, you can adorn your palms with stunning 'mehendis', but to keep it long-lasting you should apply it atleast 24-48 hours ago.

Moroccan Mehendi Designs, Karva Chauth

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