23 February, 2022

'Maine Pyar Kiya' Actress Bhagyashree's Love Story

Bollywood actress, Bhagyashree had made many people fall for her innocence and her acting on-screen. Check out her adorable love story!

By Kalash Khurana

Bhagyashree's debut in Bollywood

Bhagyashree had become an overnight star with the release of her debut film, 'Maine Pyar Kiya'. Soon, she had taken a sabbatical from the silver screen for more than a decade.

When she chose love over career

While Bhagyashree had received a lot of big projects, she had said 'No' to each one of them. The actress had chosen love over career and had left Bollywood for the love of her life.

Bhagyashree's love story

Once in an interview with Humans of Bombay, Bhagyashree had talked about her love story with her husband, Himalaya. She had shared that they both were in the same class and used to fight a lot.

She had also revealed that they had never dated each other and it was only at the last day of school when Himalaya had told her that he had liked her.

Bhagyashree was a part of a royal family

Being a part of a conservative royal family, Bhagyashree was not allowed to meet Himalaya or talk to him on phone. When she told her family about him, they had said she was too young for this.

When Bhagyashree broke up with Himalaya

Bhagyashree had believed that they should stay apart until he's sure that she's the one. So, they had broken up when he had gone to the US. And then, she had signed her film, 'Maine Pyar Kia'.

The patch-up

While she was shooting for the film, Himalaya had come back home and they had both wanted to be together. However, her parents still didn't approve their relationship and were adamantly against it.

Bhagyashree left her palace to marry Himalaya

So, Bhagyashree had decided to elope with Himalaya, and they had got married. They had a small ceremony at a temple in the presence of his parents, Salman Khan, and a few other friends.

Bhagyashree left Bollywood to be a home-maker

Soon after tying the knot in 1990, her first film had released, and it was a blockbuster. She was a star overnight! But, Bhagyashree had decided to leave Bollywood for her husband.

Bhagyashree had taken a wise decision of becoming a homemaker and giving 100% time to her kids and husband. She had revealed that it had given her more happiness than any blockbuster could ever give!

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