11 October, 2021

Love Triangle Between Amitabh, Jaya And Rekha

We have witnessed many love triangles, but the story between Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan and Rekha is a mystery with many reports.

By Shreya Sharma

Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri's first meeting

Jaya had first seen Amitabh at Pune Film Institute in 1970. However, their film, 'Guddi' was their first formal meeting. She was impressed with him, also because he was Harivansh Rai Bachchan's son.

Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri's love story

It was Jaya, who had first developed feelings for Amitabh. The sets of 'Ek Nazar' played the role of Cupid for Amitabh as then he fell in love with the Bengali beauty.

Story behind Amitabh and Jaya's wedding

In 1973, before the release of 'Zanjeer', Amitabh and Jaya's friends had decided to visit London if the film is a hit. However, Big B's parents had another condition to it.

Amitabh Bachchan's parents had said that he cannot go out with a girl unless he marries her. And instead of feeling dejected, Big B had taken a big step and had proposed to Jaya for wedding.

Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan's wedding

Jaya had immediately said yes to Amitabh's wedding proposal. After her parents' approval, the two had tied the knot on June 3, 1973, and had left for London the same day.

Rekha's entry in Amitabh and Jaya's life

Before meeting Rekha, Amitabh Bachchan was a family man. However, after a few years into the wedding, Amitabh's scintillating affair with Rekha became the talk of the town.

Amitabh Bachchan's affair with Rekha

The stories of their affair began on the sets of the film, 'Do Anjaane' in 1976. Their love story was hidden from the world and they used to meet at her friend's bungalow according to the reports.

When Amitabh and Rekha's affair became public

In 1978, during the shoot of 'Ganga Ki Saugandh', reportedly Big B had got aggressive with a co-actor, who was misbehaving with Rekha. This had thrown light on their secret relationship.

Amitabh, Jaya and Rekha's 'Silsila'

Yash Chopra wanted to cast Amitabh, Jaya and Rekha in his film, 'Silsila' in 1981. Big B had tried to convince both, Jaya and Rekha for the movie. Jaya was first reluctant to work in the film.

Later, Jaya had agreed to be in the film because of its ending. In the love triangle, husband came back to his wife at the end, and it was the reason Jaya had said 'yes' to it.

Yash Chopra confirmed Amitabh and Rekha's affair

In an interview with BBC, Yash Chopra had confirmed about Amitabh and Rekha's relationship before 'Silsila'. He had mentioned that he was scared as "it was real life coming into reel life."

Yash Chopra had further clearly mentioned that "Jaya is his wife and Rekha is his girlfriend and the same story is going on (in real life)." He was scared that things could go wrong.

End of Amitabh and Rekha's affair

After 'Silsila', Amitabh and Rekha's affair began to fade away. She wanted to marry Amitabh and not settle with the title of 'other woman'.

Big B was in no mood to leave his wife, Jaya for Rekha. This was the end of their passionate love story, both on and off-screen. However, the stories around them never really ended.

When Rekha made Jaya Bachchan cry

It was reported that Rekha had attended Neetu Kapoor and late Rishi Kapoor's wedding wearing 'sindoor' and a 'mangalsutra'. This was enough to make Jaya cry.

When Jaya invited Rekha for dinner

According to reports, Jaya had invited Rekha at home for dinner, and had clearly told her that she won't leave her husband, Amitabh at any cost.

Rekha admitted her love for Amitabh in public

In an interview with Filmfare magazine in 1984, Rekha had mentioned that Amitabh had denied their relationship to protect his image, his family and his children.

Rekha had also mentioned that public doesn't need to know about her love for Amitabh and his for her. She had added, "I love him and he loves me- that’s it!"

Does Rekha wear 'sindoor' for Amitabh?

Rekha, often dresses like a married woman, wearing 'sindoor'. While many believe she wears it for Big B, she has always mentioned that it suits her and thus, she wears it.

Rekha accidentally posed with Amitabh's picture

In 2019, Rekha had attended the calendar launch of photographer, Dabboo Ratnani, where she had accidentally posed against Big B's picture and had later, laughed changing her place of shoot.

When Rekha called Jaya 'Bechari'

In an interview with Filmfare in 1984, while talking about being 'other woman' in a man's life, Rekha had indirectly called Jaya, 'cute bechari' stating that this impression fits her perfectly.

Rekha had further added that it's a good quality when you can kill your desires and live with someone, who loves someone else, and stay under same roof. She had shared that it shows strength.

Rekha reacted to falling in love with married man

On 'Indian Idol 12', the host had asked Rekha, if she has seen someone fall for a married man? She had replied, "Mujhse puchiye", leaving everyone stunned.

Amitabh and Rekha's life now

Amitabh and Jaya are living their happy life with their kids, and grandchildren, whereas, Rekha is single after her husband, Mukesh Agarwal's death.

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