December 1, 2021

Little-known facts about the life of Udit Narayan

Legendary Bollywood singer Udit Narayan celebrates his birthday today. Here are some little-known facts about his personal life.

Kalash Khurana

Birthplace of Udit Narayan

Udit Narayan was born in Nepal. However, he was born on December 1, 1955, in a small village called Bais in Bihar. Moreover, he is a playback singer with Nepali paternal ancestry.

Udit Narayan's parents

Udit Narayan's father was Hare Krishna Jha, a farmer. His mother, Bhuwaneshwari Devi, was a famous folk singer and passed down the singing gene to him.

Started his career in Nepal Radio

Udit Narayan has made a huge contribution to the Indian music industry with over 15,000 songs. However, he started his career as a singer in a radio station in Nepal.

initial training

Later, Udit Narayan came to Mumbai on a scholarship. He received six years of classical music training at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan.

Udit Narayan's Marriage

Udit Narayan first tied the knot with Ranjana Narayan Jha from Bihar in 1984. Since Udit was not yet famous at the time, his marriage did not receive any attention.

Udit Narayan's big break

Udit Narayan rose to fame with the song "Papa Kehte hain" from the movie "Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak". The song was a huge hit and earned him his first Filmfare Award.

Awards and Honors

In addition to the unparalleled glory of winning the Filmfare Award five times, Udit Narayan has also won 3 National Awards. He was also awarded the Padma Shri in 2009 and the Padma Shri in 2016.

First meeting with Deepa Gahatraj

Udit Narayan's love for singing helped him meet his wife Deepa Gahatraj. The two met in 1979 while recording a Nepali album called "Hamro Geet". In addition, they sang many songs together.

Udit Narayan's second wife

Less than two years into their marriage, Udit found love in the arms of Deepa. The two tied the knot in late 1985, and Udit did not seek a divorce from his first wife, Ranjana Narayan Jha.

Udit Narayan's son Aditya

Udit and Deepa gave birth to a son within a year of their marriage and named him Aditya Narayan, who now happens to be a well-known singer in Bollywood.

When Udit Narayan's past haunts him

In April 2006, Udit came to Patna to perform and booked a room in a hotel. Ranjana and a group of media reporters forced their way in and claimed that she was Udit's wife.

Udit Narayan's marriage controversy

Udit Narayan called it a stunt to defame him. However, Ranjana did not give up and produced a series of photos and documents to prove that she was indeed married to Udit.

When Udit accepted Ranjana as his wife

Nearly three months after the legal dispute, Udit publicly acknowledged his first wife Ranjana and agreed to provide her with alimony and maintenance.

Udit Narayan Net Worth

Udit Narayan's monthly income is over INR 1 Crore. He owns numerous real estate properties around the world. Udit Narayan's net worth is approximately INR 1.5 billion.

king of music

Udit Narayan is the king of the music industry. He is famous not only for his songs in Hindi but also in other languages ​​like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Odia, Nepali, Bhojpuri and Bengali famous for its songs.

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