June 1, 2022

Little known facts about Nargis Dutt

Nargis Dutt, one of the most beautiful heroines of B-town, passed away untimely due to cancer in 1981. Here are some unknown facts about her.

Ankita Mukherjee

Where did her name "Nargis" come from?

Fatima Rashid was born on June 1, 1929. She made her debut as a child actress in 1935 in the film "Talash-E-Haq". In the closing credits, she is labeled as "Little Nargis." From there, she got her stage name.

'Mother India' wins Filmfare Award for Best Actress

Nargis was only 28 years old when she played Radha in the Academy Award-nominated film "Mother India". She even won the Filmfare Best Actress Award for her role.

Nargis immortalized in RK badge

Nargis worked with Raj Kapoor in several films and they became one of the most popular on-screen couples of their time. She is remembered in history for her appearance in the RK badge.

Nagis Dutt: Fashionista

Nargis has always been at the forefront of the fashion industry. She keeps pace with world trends. While her contemporaries wore long skirts, she made a stunning appearance in a crop top and a sari.

Nargis joins Sunil's studio

Nargis is involved with Sunil's production company Ajanta Arts and Culture Group. There was a time when their career underperformed at the box office and she had to break her piggy bank to compensate.

Nargis Dutt: as a person, wife and mother

Nargis is a very interesting and sports-loving guy. She has always enjoyed playing cricket, swimming and eating "pani-puri". However, she left her career without hesitation to take care of her family.

Nargis' love for Sanjay Dutt

Nargis is the proud mother of three children, Priya, Namrata and Sanjay. However, it was Sanjay who was dearest to her. She is excited to see Sanjay's debut film.

Nargis Dutt's vacant seat

"Now that you promise to do better, I promise to visit you every month," Nargis wrote in a letter to Sanjay. He left a message for her at a screening of Rocky Got an empty seat.

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