24 January, 2022

Lesser-Known Facts About Bobby Deol's Wife, Tania

Bobby Deol is one of the most popular actors of Bollywood. Here are some lesser-known facts about his multi-millionaire wife, Tania Deol.

By Kalash Khurana

Tania Deol

Tania Deol is the daughter of multi-millionaire banker, late Devendra Ahuja, who was the promoter of Centurion Bank and was also the MD of 20th Century Finance Company.

The first meet

Tania Ahuja had met Bobby Deol at an Italian restaurant in Mumbai. Charmed by Tania's beauty, Bobby had managed to get her phone number and had asked her to go on a date with him.

Bobby Deol and Tania's marriage

Soon, Bobby and Tania had fallen in love with each other, and the rest had become a remarkable history. It was in 1996 when Bobby Deol had tied the knot with Tania Ahuja.

The family dispute

Tania's family had a huge dispute after her wedding. Her father had got into an affair with an air hostess, who was half his age. Thus, his wife and children, Vikram and Munisha had left his home.

Tania got her father's property

It is alleged that Devendra Ahuja had given his Rs. 300 crores property and ownings, to his daughter, Tania. A Mumbai Mirror report had also stated that until 2010, Devendra had funded Bobby's films.

Bobby performed his father-in-law's last rites

After Devendra Ahuja’s death in August 2010, it was his son-in-law, Bobby Deol, who had performed his last rites and his own son, Vikram Ahuja was not allowed to do so.

Accusations on Tania and Bobby

In an interview with The Times Of India, Vikram had talked about the same and had said that Tania had insisted him not to perform the last rites of their father. He had added that he had loved him.

Vikram had also stated that his father, Devendra was biased towards Tania and Bobby and to get what is rightfully his, he had to move to the court for a legal battle.

Bobby Deol’s take on Vikram’s accusations

In an interaction with Huffington Post, Bobby Deol had denied the accusations laid by Vikram and had said that he had not received any money from his wife's family.

Tania and Bobby's love story

Tania Deol had once stated to designers, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, that Bobby had called her at an absurd hour of the night and since she was fast asleep, she didn’t entertain his call.

However, Bobby had thought Tania to be a ‘snooty girl’ for ignoring his call. But as destiny would have it, when Bobby had called her again at a normal hour, they had ended up talking for seven hours.

Tania as Bobby's pillar of strength

Tania has always been Bobby’s pillar of strength through thick and thin. In an interview with BollywoodLife, Bobby had heaped praises on her and had said that he feels lucky to have her in his life.


On May 30, 2021, Bobby Deol and Tania Deol had completed 25 years of marital bliss. They had their share of ups and downs, but throughout the journey, Tania had been Bobby's constant cheerleader.

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