20 February, 2022

Kumar Vishwas' Love Story With Wife, Manju Sharma

Kumar Vishwas is a famous poet, but not many know about his filmy love story with his wife, Manju Sharma. Let's take a look!

By Ekta Chanana

Early life of Kumar Vishwas

Kumar Vishwas, the man who has made many hearts fall in love with his words, had taken up engineering on persuasion of his father. Soon, he had got his calling and had enrolled in Hindi Literature.

However, Kumar Vishwas' family was never in support of him leaving engineering. However, he was and that was the reason why his family had let him pursue his passion.

Kumar Vishwas met his wife, Manju Sharma in 1994

In 1994, Kumar Vishwas was working as a Hindi lecturer at a college in Rajasthan. And that's where, he had met Manju Sharma, who was was an assistant professor in Geography in the same college.

Kumar Vishwas eloped with Manju Sharma

After dating for some time, Kumar Vishwas and Manju Sharma had decided to elope as they were sure their families would not agree for their union.

Kumar Vishwas' family refused to talk to them

The moment, the couple had announced their marriage, their family had refused to talk to them. In fact, Kumar Vishwas' father had strictly denied them to enter their home.

Kumar Vishwas' children

Kumar Vishwas and his wife, Manju Sharma had welcomed their first daughter after two years of marriage. Kumar Vishwas has lovingly named her Agrata. Later, he was blessed with another daughter, Kuhu.

Kumar Vishwas on his daughters

In an interview with Gaon Connection, Kumar Vishwas had shared that his kids stay away from his popularity, and doesn't like to bask in his fame. He had also added that they like studying.

Kumar Vishwas credits his wife for his success

Kumar Vishwas gives all the credit of keeping him grounded to his wife, Manju Sharma. In an interview with Gaon Connection, he had shared that his wife keeps the entire family together.

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