January 7, 2022

Inside the home of Bipasha Basu-Karan Singh Grover

The modern home of Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover has an expensive terrace garden and a painting studio. Swipe right to visit!

Ekta Chanana

Lush green terrace garden

Bipasha-Karan's luxurious Bandra residence features a rooftop space decorated with plants that offer serene views and privacy. It also doubles as a yoga and fitness space.

"Mr."'s painting studio

Karan Singh Grover is proficient in many trades and painting is one of them. Therefore, to keep his imagination flowing, he has a separate lounge for painting.

A warm living room full of memories

Bipasha's living room features neutral tones and dark wood accents. Plus, there are beautiful family photos that brighten up the room.

A gray sofa with artistic cushions further expands the living space. Bipasha and Karan’s home reflects their vibrant personalities.

luxurious bedroom

Bipasha believes in living a king-sized life, which is why her home is filled with luxurious things. Her bedroom is no different. It's super spacious.

Bipasha and Karan's bedroom features a neutral palette of browns, tans and beiges. Her wardrobe doors have gold glaze and sleek silver handles.

grand entrance

Bipasha and Karan's entire house exudes warmth. However, it is their entrance that is filled with an air of luxury.

The entrance is the highlight of their space, with marble walls, cream floors and carved wood sculptures. We often see these two clicking their best pictures in this corner of the house.

cozy kitchen

Bipsha and Karan's kitchen is very cozy with white tiles and modern kitchen decor. Bipasha loves cooking and often shares videos of the food she prepares.

An Instagram-worthy home

Bipasha and Karan's home serves as a beautiful backdrop for many of their shoots. We see them working out in the space and also doing branding shoots.

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover Net Worth

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