30 October, 2021

Inside Shah Rukh-Gauri Khan's Home, Mannat

SRK's house, Mannat falls amongst one of the most famous houses of any Bollywood celebrity. Let's take a tour into his super-classy home.

By Pratishtha Ghosh

A gorgeous green lawn

Located at the Bandstand area of Bandra in Mumbai, Mannat proudly stands out of all other houses in the area. Upon entering from the gate, the lush green gorgeous lawn welcomes you.

A magnificent white-pillared building

After the lawn, you will witness the white-pillars of Mannat, that gives it a Georgian feeling. As an extension of the original bungalow, SRK also owns a 6-storey apartment in Mannat.

Mannat can accommodate upto 225 people at a time

SRK's sea-facing bungalow is so huge that it can accommodate nearly 225 people. As it is spread over more than 26,000 square feet. Not to forget the architecture with jaw-dropping designs.

The magnificent façade of Mannat

SRK's drawing room boasts of magnificent antiques, chandeliers, paintings of M.F. Hussain and many more rare valuables. The resemblance of the room to that of an European castle is unmissable.

Living rooms connected by an elevator

Shah Rukh Khan's home, Mannat has two living rooms, which are connected by an elevator. Whether it is the curtains, the chairs or the decor, everything about the room is mesmerising.

Gauri prefers to decorate her home with artefacts

SRK's interior designer-wife, Gauri Khan has dedicated a lot of time in beautifying her house and her love for artefacts is clearly reflected as she keeps on redesigning according to changing times.

The magical second wing of Mannat

The most interesting part of Mannat begins in the second wing. Talk about luxury and you will find everything over here - from a private swimming pool to a spree of offices for meetings.

An awe-inspiring kitchen

The second wing of the house also includes the kitchen which would make the best chefs in the world drool over it. Besides that, there is a boxing ring and table tennis area as well.

A separate area for SRK's awards

In the film, 'Zero', Shah Rukh had shared a glimpse of his home, Mannat and had shown the area which is exclusively dedicated for his awards. It was the first time that a film was shot over here.

A coffee table decorated with exclusive shoes

SRK's designer-wife, Gauri Khan had decorated a coffee table which boasts of something very unique. It comprises of a pair of shoes from the rarest shoe collection of Tom Dixon.

A walk-in closet for Gauri

Gauri Khan has an organized walk-in closet that features a large dressing table having beautifully carved borders, a marvelous chandelier, openly framed shelves, drawers.

Gauri Khan's love for collecting overseas stuffs

Mannat has a nomadic soul which is influenced from across the world—Italian architecture, neo-classical elements and an indulgent mix of decades and styles. All thanks to the mistress of the house.

A beautiful terrace area

The terrace is one of the happiest areas of Gauri Khan. The celeb wife doesn't like flowers, neither is she fond of artificial plants. Therefore, she has potted ferns scattered everywhere in Mannat.

A personal home theatre

The home theatre has been designed with much love and the bright red walls are mounted with vintage posters of movies like, 'Sholay', 'Mughal-E-Azam' and 'Ram Aur Shyam'.

A washroom with a modern-day castle vibes

With the glossy black-and-white marble floors and, mirror and glass detailing, Mannat's bathroom has modern furnishings which also includes a state-of-the-art shower encased in a glass cubicle.

SRK and Gauri's pristine bedroom

One room that cannot be missed is the duo's bedroom. The wooden door at the entrance, white marble floors, a velvet couch, and king size bed falls perfectly in line with the palette of the house.

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