01 December, 2021

Inside Nick And Priyanka's Plush Mansion

Today, we take you inside the plush villa of one of the most followed celebrity couples on the planet, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas.

By Rishabh Naudiyal

Nick and Priyanka's abode is a piece of art

With 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, expansive canyon views, a floating guest wing and an extended wood terrace that wraps around the swimming pool, Priyanka and Nick's home is an architectural beauty.

Image Credit: The MLS

A swanky villa right in the arms of nature

Nick and Priyanka's dream house is built on a 3-acre land surrounded by a luscious green view. Located at the hilly neighbourhood of Encino, California, it is right in the center of nature.

Image Credit: The MLS

Nick and Priyanka's dinning hall

It is a widely-known fact that 'Jonas love partying' and for this Nick and Priyanka's house offers a broadly spread dining area. Also, their villa can entertain a large number of guests.

Image Credit: The MLS

Nick and Priyanka's lavish living room

Their double-height living room is filled with exquisite paintings, precious artefacts, and breathtaking chandeliers. From their living room, you can also get a distant view of the mountains.

Image Credit: The MLS

Nickyanka's cosy bedroom

Nick and Priyanka's bedroom offers a direct passage to their beautiful lawn along with some fine wooden work in the interiors of their sleepy room. The soft lighting is like icing on the cake.

Image Credit: The MLS

Nick and Priyanka's home literally has everything

It also has a large mirror-walled gymnasium, restaurant-quality wet bar, a movie theatre with an almost IMAX screen, indoor basketball court, games room for the kids, and a two-lane bowling alley.

Image Credit: The MLS

Arguably the best thing about Nickyanka's house

Nick and Priyanka's LA mansion features breathtaking picturesque scenes from almost every corner of the house, whether it is their living room, bedroom or kitchen. Courtesy of the large glass walls.

Image Credit: The MLS

Whopping price of Nick and Priyanka's plush home

After their wedding, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, purchased this luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills. According to reports, the estimated price of their house is around $20 million (Rs. 144 crores).

Image Credit: The MLS

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