April 30, 2022

indian royal family

Over the years, the royal bloodline has been passed down to its descendants. Let’s take a look at some of the existing royal families in India.

Author: Monisha G. Kumar

mewar dynasty

After the abolition of royal prerogatives, the 76th Custodian was awarded to Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur in 1984, and he has been dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage ever since.

Apart from being a king, Arvind Singh is also a successful businessman and the head of HRH Group of Hotels. He is the richest man in the tourism industry and also owns a vintage car museum.

Wardiya Dynasty

Yaduvir Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar is currently the leader of the Wadiyar dynasty. Yadowir is not a direct heir to the throne because when his uncle died childless in 2013, his aunt adopted him.

Yadhuveer is married to Princess Trishika Kumari Singh of Dungarpur and has a son. The famous Royal Silk of Mysore was founded by Srikantadatta and is currently owned by Yaduver.

jaipur royal family

His Highness Bhawani Singh is a descendant of the Rajput clan and the last titular chief of Jaipur. Since he had no son, Bhavani Singh adopted his daughter, Padmanabh Singh, son of Diya Kumari, as his heir.

Padmanabh was unofficially "crowned" as the Maharaja of Jaipur at the age of 13. He is a national level polo player and a well-known figure in the fashion industry.

royal family of alsisar

His Highness Abhimanyu Singh is the current leader of Alsisar. He rebuilt the Alcisar Palace and turned it into a luxurious traditional hotel.

Abhimanyu is popular in social circles as he is the co-organizer of India's most popular music festival, Magnetic Fields. He is also known as the party prince of India.

royal family of jodhpur

His Highness Maharaja Gaji Singh is the current ruler of Jodhpur. He lives in Umaid Bhawan Palace with his wife Hemalata Rajye, children and their spouses and also owns the Mehrangarh Fort.

A portion of Umaid Bhawan is open to tourists and the rest of the palace is managed by the Taj Hotels Group in partnership with the royal family.

Gaikwads of Baroda

After the death of King Ranjit Singh Pratap Singh Gaikwad, his son Samarjit Singh became the heir to the throne. In 2012, he was crowned Maharaja at Laxmi Vilas Palace.

Samarjitsinh's husband, Radhikaraje, is a heritage conservationist, textile revivalist and director of the CDS Art Foundation. She has also appeared in Asia Millionaire magazine.

indian bourbon dynasty

Bhopal is home to members of the Indian royal family and the Bourbon family of India, which is also known as the Bourbon-Bhopal. The current head of the Bourbon-Bhopal family is the lawyer Balthazar Napoleon IV.

bonzales family

The Bansals are an important group among the Maratha clans. One of the leaders, Udayanraje of Satara, said to be the 13th generation descendant of the Chhatrapati title holder, has declared assets worth Rs 170 crore.

Another leader also claims to be the 13th generation descendant of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, he is Sambhajiraje Chhatrapati. As a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, he was the face of the Maratha reservation protests in 2011-19.

The Nawabs of Pataudis

The Pataudi family is one of the most popular names in cricket and entertainment. The last titular patriarch of the family, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, was the former captain of the Indian cricket team.

After the death of Mansoor Ali Khan, his son Saif Ali Khan became the 10th Nawab of Pataudi. Saif is married to actress Kareena Kapoor Khan and owns the palatial Pataudi Palace worth Rs 800 crore.

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