March 17, 2022

Holi Guide: How to Protect Skin and Hair

The festival of colors is here, and we can’t stop ourselves from playing with colors. So, here’s how you can protect your skin and get the most out of it.

Oyinderila Muhuri

#Pre tip: Apply oil to hair and skin

Applying organic essential oils to the skin helps restore the natural texture of the skin and hair. It also helps treat acne and skin allergies that might otherwise be made worse by the color.

#Pre tip: Apply ice cubes to your face

Rub ice cubes on your face for 10-15 minutes before going out to help shrink skin pores. And, this in turn stops chemicals from entering your skin when playing with color.

#Pre tip: Apply sunscreen to your skin

Whenever we go out, it is always good to use sunscreen as it helps keep the moisture content of the skin intact and prevents tanning. Using it while playing Holi can be equally helpful.

#Pre tip: Apply nail polish/dip in oil

Dip your nails in olive oil to prevent any color from soaking. Also, applying a thick layer of nail polish to your nails can prevent enamel damage.

#Dress lightly while playing holi

Wearing a loose-fitting suit in a light color such as white balances the vibrant festive atmosphere. And cover your body as much as possible to prevent direct contact with the chemicals in the color.

#Cover your head when celebrating

While hair oil will best protect your hair, the best way is to cover your head with a scarf or hat during the festivities. It reduces the chances of hair breakage.

#Don’t stay in wet clothes for too long

Wearing wet clothes can cause rashes, and the chemicals in the colors can also seep into the skin, causing allergies and irritation. Therefore, it is always safer to play Holi in the water last.


Staying hydrated helps in many ways. And, the same principle is applied during Holi parties as well, which helps keep energy levels high and prevents acne.

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