29 December, 2022

Candid Moments Of Radhika Merchant-Anant Ambani

As Radhika Merchant gets engaged to Anant Ambani, take a look at some of their unseen moments together.

By Srijony Das

The Classic Lovebirds

An unseen picture of the duo, Anant and Radhika looking stunning in their simple looks. Their happiness is visible on their faces.

The First Official Picture Together

This picture of Radhika and Anant was the first one that officially circulated in the media. It also created a buzz that the duo might have been engaged already.

The Happy Duo

Radhika and Anant flaunt their brightest smiles, as the duo pose with one another during their visit to a holy shrine.

Love Amidst Nature

This happy moment between Radhika and Anant was captured during their secret vacation to the forest.

At Family Gatherings

During one of Isha Ambani's wedding festivities, we spot these two lovebirds smiling brightly.

Happiness Together

Taken from one of their trips to a temple, both Radhika and Anant seem to be enjoying a private moment of laugh.

Locking Eyes

During a public event, Anant and Radhika were caught off-guard, as they simply looked lost in each other's eyes.

Watching Matches Together

The duo was spotted enjoying their favourite cricket match at the stadium. Notice their intense expressions at the nail-biting scenes of the match.

Vacation Together

During one of their secret vacations, the duo was spotted in a casual avatar, as they spend some quality time together.

Pillar Of Strength

Attending a Bollywood party together, we can't help but notice how Anant stood like a strong pillar of strength for his ladylove, Radhika.

Forever Together

Another special moment between the two, Radhika and Anant seem to be engaged in a conversation with their eyes, while holding their hands.

Timeless Moments

Radhika and Anant look their regal best in such stunning ethnic ensembles. However, it is their million dollar smiles which says it all.

Now And Forever

Radhika and Anant pose for a photographic shoot of themselves, for memories to be preserved till eternity.

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