Acne During Summers:

How to treat acne and acne prone skin?

1. Use a Foaming Cleanser

Heat and humidity can cause oil glands to work at a higher pace. So, it is beneficial to wash your face with a foaming cleanser atleast twice a day.

2. Avoid popping those pimples

As appealing or uncontrollable as it may be, it is important that you do not pop your pimples and/or acne

Summer is an ideal time to lighten up on your moisturizer. Avoid heavy moisturizer during the summertime to keep acne and breakouts at bay. 

3. Lighten Up Your Moisturizer

4. Use a Good Sunscreen Daily

Outdoors or not, it is extemely essential to put sunscreen on all the areas of the body which will be directly exposed to the sun. 

5. Have Proper Diet And Sleep Adequately

Eat your greens and seasonal fruits. You are what you eat. It is as essential to sleep atleast 7-8 hours a day to maintain a healthy body inside out.