January 14, 2022

A sneak peek at Virat Kohli’s Gurgaon home

Virat Kohli’s luxury bungalow in Gurgaon is worth Rs. Worth Rs 80 crore, it has a private pool and modern décor. let's see!

Kalash Khurana

The perfect family home

Virat Kohli's family house is located in DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon and has spacious space and complete facilities. The family often spends quality time in this luxurious house.

From enjoying delicious meals on the dining table to hanging out on the balcony to having fun chit-chat in the living room, the Kohli family is often seen having fun-filled times at home.

unique architecture

The bungalow spans 10,000 square feet and perfectly blends luxury elements with a modern aesthetic. From the furniture to the decor to the interior decoration, every detail of the house is royal.

living area

The living area features a large gray L-shaped sofa, a wooden console and a wall-mounted TV. This is Virat's favorite place as he often watches movies here with his friends and family.

With great seating space and a large TV equipped with a full gaming console, it’s the perfect place for gamers to quench their gaming thirst.

living room

A glass wall overlooking the alley makes the space eye-catching. However, the most eye-catching element is the beautiful round chandelier hanging from the ceiling of the room.

Dark-toned walls complement the wooden furniture, making the space stand out. Additionally, huge table lamps, round coffee tables and unique furniture add a sense of grandeur to the area.

Virat Kohli's bedroom

Virat Kohli has simple decor but exudes an elegant vibe. The bedroom features a wooden low bed and matching floorboards, reflecting his love of simple elements.

well-lit path

Well-placed lights and hanging fixtures throughout the house keep the way lit. Artwork and glass balustrades supporting the marble staircase create a luxurious look.

Eccentric rod

Vera often invited his friends to drink at his quaint bar. With its dark walls, elegant marble deck and unique wooden stools, this bar is a sight to behold.

garden area

The garden area is filled with velvety green grass and many seasonal flowers. However, just across the extensive garden, a tiled path leads to a rustic and antique wooden staircase.


His house has a unique hanging block. Not many people know that this block is a hidden pool inside Virat’s house and the beauty of this area never fails to amaze visitors!

modern interior decoration

Virat Kohli's Gurgaon home is a perfect example of a modern mansion with multiple amenities. His residence reflects his elegant personality and love of all things chic.

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