20 December, 2022

22 Unseen Pictures Of Taimur Ali Khan

Check out some of these unseen and cutesy glimpses of the blue-eyed boy, Taimur Ali Khan.

By Srijony Das

Taimur's First Birthday

This priceless picture of Taimur was taken right when he turned a year old. As always, he looked cute as a button.

Newborn Taimur With His 'Abba-Amma'

A rare photo, this features a newbron Tim Tim peacefully sleeping in his dad's arms, as his mommy looks upon.

First Birthday With Parents

Another priceless click from his first birthday, Taimur puts up the cutest smile for his parents.

Squishy Hug From Mom And Dad

The doting parents, Saif and Kareena shower all their love as the family poses for a squishy hug.

Learning The First Alphabets

This adorable picture features the moment where Kareena tries to teach Taimur his first alphabets.

Morning Kisses From Mommy

Notice how Taimur looks up to the camera in wonder, as his mommy Kareena cutely plants a kiss on his bubbly cheeks.

With Darling 'Bua', Soha

Taimur sits in a relax mood on the laps of his dearest 'bua', Soha Ali Khan. We simply can't get over his chubby cheeks.

Taimur's First Play Date

Taimur seemed to have a lot of fun in his first play date. Looking cute as a button in white shirt, black pant, his smile is priceless.

With Ranbir 'Mamu'

A moment of the boys time, Taimur poses in the most cool manner in this unseen picture with his 'mamu', Ranbir Kapoor.

Chill Time With Mommy, Kareena

Kareena and Taimur seem to have a time of laughter and fun, as they simply ROFL on the couch.

A Fun Ride With 'Badi Bua', Saba

This picture featured Taimur enjoying a fun ride with his 'badi bua', Saba Pataudi.

Selfie With Mommy

Taimur and Kareena pose for a cute selfie together, revealing their cherished mommy-son time.

All The Love For 'Bua Jaan'

A little grown up Taimur, poses cutely with his favourite 'bua', Saba. The picture speaks volumes about their bonding.

With Baby Brother, Jeh

The Pataudi siblings, Taimur Ali Khan and Jehnagir Ali Khan share a playful moment, while the prior handles brotherly duties.

Fun Times With Friend

Taimur and his friend enjoys a play date with one another. The duo seem deeply engrossed in their playtime.

Unicorn Ride With Mommy

The picture features Kareena helping Taimur on his first unicorn ride. His expressions are just too cute.

First Swimming Lesson

An unseen picture, Taimur can be seen gearing up for his first swimming lesson.

Learning Guitar

Proving his versatlity at a young age, Taimur is seen learning to play a guitar for the first time.

Sun Kissed Capture

In this snapshot, Taimur is captured as he enjoys a sun bath in the fields.

Dance Time With Mommy

On his fourth birthday, Taimur and Kareena enjoy a quick dance with one another.

The Young Patuadi

Looking like a striking resemblance to his father, this unseen capture of Taimur speaks volumes of good looks he has been blessed with.

Playtime With Elder Sister, Sara

A kiddo Taimur plays with his darling elder sister, Sara on the occasion of Taimur's first Rakshabandhan celebrations.

Upasana Kamineni In A Silk Lehenga

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