22 December, 2022

20 Stunning 'Nath' Designs For Brides

'Naths' have etched a beautiful place in the heart of millions of brides from time immemorial. Here is some drool-worthy bridal 'naths'!

By Oindrila Muhuri

Studded oversized 'nath'

An oversized 'nath' embedded with all kinds of jewels has the ability to stand alone and grab the attention very easily. Moreover, it enhances the bridal look.

Pearl-beaded floral designed 'nath'

Pearl-beaded floral designed 'naths' are the second love of women. They can be easily matched with the ensembles and also gives a dreamy look.

Half-beaded vintage 'nath'

The bride donned a vintage look with pearl and stones accentuated jewellery. However, her oversized half-beaded 'nath' was simply eye-catchy.

Simple 'nath' with beaded-double chain

No matter what, a simple 'nath' never goes out of fashion. It is not only light weight but also fuss-free to wear it throughout the ritual. Pairing it with double chains can be an add-on!

Oversized statement 'nath'

The bride donned an oversized statement 'nath' which featured unique peacock designs and pearl work. It not only radiated royalty but also set trends.

'Kundan nath' with 3 chains

Can a wedding go without 'Kundan' jewellery? Probably no! Thus, a 'Kundan nath' paired with three pearl chains can simply match with many kinds of bridal coutures.

Customised 'nath' with Groom's name

The bride's 'nath' featured a customisation of her groom's name and it not only gave a pretty look to her but also gave couple goals. What do you think?

'Meenakari' nath

Pearls go very well with 'meenakari' works and proof of the same is this beautiful 'nath' which was adorned with both. The bride looked colourful donning it.

Statement Marathi 'nath'

Traditional 'Marathi naths' are now worn by other brides also. Thus, a beautiful golden 'Marathi nath' can easily accentuate the facial makeup and can be matched with gorgeous silk sarees too.

Golden side-designed 'nath'

Want to keep trendy and traditional both? This bride's beautiful golden 'nath' designed with pearls was something worth-drooling for.

'Jadau' simple 'nath' with beads

The simple-minimalistic look always wins over everything. Thus, the bride radiated royalty in a simple 'nath' adorned with a pearl and unique 'jadau' design.

Stunning 'Jadau nath'

Brides nowadays are also opting for uncut diamond jewellery for their D-Day. Thus, a stunning 'jadau nath' featuring uncut diamonds can simply match the other jewellery and the bride's look.

Small 'nath' with pearl chain

The bride paired her wedding ensemble with a stunning small 'nath' which also featured a pearl chain. Moreover, it simply accentuated her bridal look.

Designer chain 'nath'

The bride wore green-stones and pearl embedded jewellery on her wedding day. She opted for a mid-sized designer 'nath' and looked beautiful.

Oversized beaded 'nath'

A oversized-beaded 'nath' is something which can best go with heavily embellished jewellery. Why? It balances the entire look and the bride can also flaunt her makeup.

Traditional pearl-embedded 'Brahmi nath'

A pearl-embedded Brahmi nath' also goes perfectly with the beautiful South-Indian silk sarees. Moreover, the gorgeous ladies can easily turn into a Marathi bride.

Heavily accessorised 'nath'

The bride looked no less than the royal queen by donning a heavily accessorised 'nath' which featured precious gems and stones along with multiple chains.

Double-chained 'nath'

Brides can also choose the minimalistic bridal look by donning a simple 'nath' paired with double chains. Wearing it, the bride looked simply gorgeous.

Designer ring 'nath'

To pair the designer ensembles with various customised jewellery is the latest trend. Thus, the bride radiated a beautiful glow by donning a uniquely designed ring 'nath'.

Kundan pearl 'nath'

The bride opted for a unique 'Kundan nath' adorned with pearl drops and looked simply beautiful. In addition, the 'nath' was paired with pearl embedded gold chains.

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