09 December, 2022

20 Stunning Bridal Shoes To Choose From

Apart from attire, jewellery and makeup, what should be given the most time is the bridal shoes. Here is the curated list of bridal shoes!

By Oindrila Muhuri

Slingback Shoes

The slingback shoes with front closed and an ankle strap is one of the most comfortable kind of shoes for the brides to wear on D-Day. It can be matched with variety of outfits and are very airy.


Slip-Ons are one of the most suitable type of bridal shoes for such a busy day like wedding. Moreover, a touch of customisation can also give a quirky look to the wedding and pre-wedding outfits.


Second to sandals, mules are pretty easy to wear. These can be paired with a variety of ensembles and can be taken off hassle-free at any time. Moreover, it has a slight heel to match with outfits.


Sandals are one of the most convenient footwear not only for the brides but also for her bridesmaids. It can be paired with a numerous number of ensembles and is the most airy footwear.

Stone-embedded pumps

Want to match something with the heavy work of the lehengas or sarees, then the stone-embedded pumps are the best bridal footwear. Moreover, it gives complete princess vibes on the wedding day.


Reminiscent of every girl’s school days, ballerinas gives a velvety stone-embedded look with comfortable inside. Moreover, its almost flat sole makes it easy for the bride to wear it for a long time.

Platform heels

Platform heels is a good alternative to wearing comfortable heels. These shoes gives the desired height to the bride as well as comfort.

Embellished kitten heels

These shoes gives a slight height along with beautiful deigns to pair with the traditional ensembles. Moreover, it can be easily taken off and used as a sandal.

Comfy sport shoes

Designer sport shoes are for those brides who prefer them over any other kind of footwear. In addition, now we can also get customised sport shoes which can be easily matched with D-Day outfits.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels are preferably for those brides who prefer a slight rise in their height. Thus, a small heel along with stone-embedded designs can be easily paired with the wedding ensembles.

Gold or silver heels

Golden and silver are two such colours which goes with an array of outfits. Thus, having heels in these colours can be the safest for any bride.

Sandal wedges

Sandal wedges are for those brides who loves the slip-ons but also wants heels to match the height of their lehengas. Thus, these pair of shoes with its beautiful decoration can be the choice.

Neutral pumps

Other than D-Day, the brides also need to match many footwear to the their pre-wedding outfits. Neutral pumps are best for pairing them with any chic western outfit during day or cocktail parties.

Flashy slingbacks

Flashy slingbacks comes with unique designs including kitten heels, flats and wedges along with a shimmery finish. Thus, these shoes can never be a bad idea for 'mehendi' or 'sangeet' functions.


Trends may come, trends may go, but 'juttis' never go out of fashion. And currently, a fashion has come when brides opt for customised 'juttis' with their designs and labels.

Customised and painted Sneakers

Brides nowadays knows very well how to match comfort with style. Thus, customised sneakers is the perfect answer for that and can be styled with all kinds of ensembles.

Wedges with ankle strap

Essentially, when pencil heels can be painful and sandal wedges aren't preferred, it can be replaced with wedges with a ankle strap. These shoes gives comfort to the bride while dancing and walking.


Kolhpuris never misses a chance leaving our jaws dropped in awe of its beauty. Moreover, it is the perfect pick for any brides' 'mehendi' or 'sangeet' ceremony.


Most commonly brought bridal shoes are stilettos which comes with pointed heels that helps the brides to handle the long flowing ensembles. Moreover, the thin heels give extra highlight to the bride.

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