21 January, 2023

20 Hairdo For Brides To Dazzle At Their Wedding

Bridal hairstyles play an important role in revitalising the D-day look. So, let's take a look at some amazing hairdos for brides-to-be.

By Tanya Shree

A massive bun with pearl beads

A massive bun with soft curls are the best for brides who want a dramatic look for their engagement or reception party. Adorn it with pearl beads and dazzle at your special day.

A perfect top knot

Top knot sleek bun is the perfect choice for brides who want a simple yet elegant look on their special day. This hairdo looks beautiful with shimmery gowns.

Boho hairstyle with roses and soft curls

For brides who want a fuss free look for their wedding festivities, a boho chic half tied hairstyle with roses and soft curls is the best option. It will add stars to a bride's D-day look.

Open hairdo with curls

Many modern brides these days are ditching the traditional bun and opting for open hairdo. Adorn it with soft curls and pearl bead hairband and you are all ready for your special day.

A floral bouquet with traditional bun

A traditional bun hairdo is one of the most favourite hairstyle for many brides. To add a glam factor adorn it with white and pink flowers and flaunt the unique back design of your blouse.

Open hairdo with multiple braids

Flaunt the length of your tresses by keeping it open. Style it with soft curls and multiple braids adorned with flower accessories to add an oomph factor to your look.

A braid made of braid

A braid made out braid hairdo adorned with jewellery is the favourite one among the South Indian brides. This hairstyle adds a traditional and regal touch to a bride's look.

A low messy bun with flowers at one side

A bun hairdo is one of the best choices for brides to dazzle at their wedding day. To add a unique touch, tie your hair in a low messy bun and adorn it with flowers at one side.

Long braids with beads and 'parandi'

For brides who want a traditional touch in their wedding look, braided hairdo is the best option. Tie your long hairs in braids and accessorise it with beads and a beautiful 'parandi'.

Half tied hairdo with curls

Curl down your long hair and half tie it. Adorn it with butterfly accessory and you are all set to rock your 'sangeet' night.

Textured ponytail

We are in love with this textured ponytail adorned with diamonds. This hairdo is the best for every pre-wedding festivity.

A traditional bun adorn with crystal jewellery

For brides who want to keep their look simple yet sophisticated, a traditional bun adorned with silver lining is the best choice. It will allow you to flaunt your beautiful backless blouse.

'Gajra' wrapped around messy braids

For brides with long hair, messy hairstyles are the best. Tie your hair in messy braids and wrap it with 'gajra' and accessories. This bridal hairdo is the best for 'mehendi' and 'sangeet' party.

A twisted bun with flowers

Curl down your long hair and tie it in a messy bun. Adorn it with flowers and team it up with a beautiful lehenga to amp your bridal look.

Open hairdo with middle partition

Alia Bhatt inspired bridal hairdo is one of the most loved hairstyle for many Gen-Z brides. Opt for an open hairdo with soft curls and middle partition and adorn it with diamond accessories.

A sleek bun with pearl beads

Most brides these days are opting for unique back design for their blouses. And for them, a sleek low bun is the best option. Accessorise it with layers of pearl beads to add a glam factor.

Braids wrapped with flower and 'gota patti'

For 'nauvari' brides, long braided hairdo is the perfect choice. Wrap it around with multi-coloured flowers and 'gota patti' and you are all set for your special day.

A sleek ponytail

For brides who want an elegant look for their wedding festivities, a sleek high ponytail is one of the best choices. dazzle at your engagement party in a saree and team your look with a ponytail.

A small bun with artificial flowers

Brides with small hair, too can tie their hair in a bun. So, make a small low bun and style it with artificial flowers. It will give you an elegant look.

A low sleek bun with white flowers

Brides who want to dazzle in their 'laal shadi ka joda' at their wedding day, a low sleek bun adorned with white flowers is the best choice. It will add grace and elegance to your look.

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