27 December, 2022

20 Beautiful 'Haathphool' Designs For Brides

'Haathphool' enhances the beauty of brides. It adds stars to the bridal attire. So, here's some drool-worthy bridal 'haathphools'!

By Tanya Shree

'Chakra' design 'haathphool'

A huge multi-coloured 'chakra' design 'hathphool' has the ability to make the bride stand out at her special day. It enhances the beauty of the 'henna-adorned' hands of the bride.

'Gota-patti' work 'haathphool'

'Gota-patti' work 'haathphool' has etched a different place in the heart of brides. The modern day 'dulhaniyas' are opting for this kind of 'haathphool' for their 'mehendi' day.

'Kundan haathphool'

Nothing in this world can replace the value of a 'kundan' jewellery. A beautiful floral-patterned 'kundan haathphool' paired with a stunning bridal ensemble can make a bride shine at her D-day.

Pearl-detailed 'haathphool'

An elegant 'haathphool' adorned with pearl and 'kundan' detailing can be accentuated with a beautiful 'laal shaadi ka jodi'. It can make a bride-to-be looked drool-worthy at her D-day.

Double ring attached 'haathphool'

'Haathphool' come in different shapes and sizes. A double ring 'haathphool' attached with multiple pearl strings can add a royal touch to a bride's look.

Handmade 'haathphool'

Handmade jewellery give a unique touch to a bride's look. A pair of beautiful handmade 'haathphools' featured with leaf motifs, pearl, flower patchwork, stones can make a bride dazzled at her D-day.

'Haath panja'

A beautiful 'haath panja' attached with five rings is one of the traditional forms of 'haathphool'. This green stone studded 'haathphool' enhances the beauty of a bride's 'mehendi' clad hands.

Floral 'haathphool'

Flower jewellery is the first preference of brides for their 'mehendi' function. A pair of beautiful floral 'haathphools' can add 'chaar-chand' to a bride's overall look.

Seashell 'haathphool'

A pair of beautiful seashell 'haathphools' adorned with 'kundan' work can add uniqueness to a 'dulhaniyas' look. This set of jewellery can be worn at all the wedding festivities.

The classic 'haathphool'

A pair of classic traditional 'haathphools' always wins over everything. A 'kundan haathphool' adorned with green and white gemstones allows the bride to radiate royalty at her D-day.

'Matar-patterned haathphool'

For brides who want to keep their bridal look simple yet a bit 'hatke', a pair of 'matar-patterned haathphools' is the best choice. It will make a bride look unique and beautiful at her wedding day.

Stunning 'Jadau haathphool'

Brides these days are opting for uncut 'kundan' jewellery. So, a pair of beautiful 'jadau haathphools' featuring uncut 'kundans' can simply make a bride stun at her wedding day.

Multi-coloured beads with floral-pattern ring

Beads-detailed jewellery are a must have for brides. So, many modern day brides are picking multicoloured bead-detailed 'haathphool' attached with a floral-patterned ring. It is simple yet elegant.

Plant motif design 'haathphool'

Donning different patterned jewellery makes a bride stand out at their D-day. A pair of leaf motif designed 'haathphools' featuring 'kundan' detailing can enhance the beauty of a bride's look.

Pearl and gold 'haathphool'

The beauty of a 'mehendi' clad hands can be enhanced by donning a pair of beautiful pearl and gold detailed 'haathphools'. It will make a bride look regal and unique at her D-day.

Crescent 'haathphool'

A bride can stand out their 'shaadi ke din' by adorning their hands with a pair of crescent designed 'haathphools'. Without a doubt, it is going to make a bride look like Disney princess.

Gold 'haathphool'

Gold holds a special place in heart of millions of brides. A beautiful 'chakra-patterned' 'haathphool' gives a dreamy look to a bride. Gold jewellery gives a traditional touch to a bride's look.

Mirror-work 'haathphool'

Brides these days love to experiment with their looks. A pair of beautiful mirror-work 'haathphools' featuring tassel and pom-pom detailing is the go to choice for brides at their 'mehendi-ki-raat'.

Pearl string 'haathphool' adorned with red rubies

A multi-string pearl 'haathphool' adorned with red rubbies can add richness to a bride's wedding day look. It can simply accentuated the bridal glow.

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