The quality of service provided by any entity, institution or individual can be identified by the number of years they have spent in the arena because incompetent services cannot really last long while over promising institutions generally get flushed because of under delivery.

Sunita has built an incomparable brand over the stint of many years; serving as a LeaderSunita has overcome obstacles and have established herself as the epitome service provider and a mentor.

Intricate understanding of the fact that it is the services that build or tear downs a business is what keeps us focused on quality services. We bring to the world a set of services that are not just necessity but compulsion; with these services, in sight, one can easily, plan their goals, work towards it and achieve it without making grave sacrifices.

What are some of the prominent services we offer?

Insurance and Investment Portfolio Development:

Insurance in the contemporary world has turned out to be the building brick of a happy future; one cannot move to the other parameters of financial planning until and unless they have bought adequate insurance.

Insurance and Investment Portfolio Development includes the following:

  • Income Protection
  • Children’s Education Funding Planning: Putting the right money in place for a much-needed education.
  • Daughter’s Wedding: Taking necessary steps today to help Daughter have a happy married life.
  • Retirement Planning: Putting the existing money on work for a happier after retirement life.
  • Tax Savings: Compiling the necessary documents and receipts to help you save taxes without evading a penny.

What Services make up for our Unique Selling Proportion?

We have compiled a list of services that can only be attributed by experts like us; our aim is to make investment easier and a fun exercise for our clients. Following services are not only going to make your life easier but will also help you realize the potential of your investment and insurance.

  • Policy documents
  • Nomination filing/addition/changes
  • time to time loans
  • Help in receiving money back dues
  • help with cases related to Maturity Delay
  • Change of Address
  • Latest update related to your policies
  • help with lapsed policies
  • Help with pending claims
  • NEFT Registration and transfer of policy

We repeat that our aim is to make a world of financial literates, we are here to take baton forward and help people understand the importance of financial investments and their management.

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P.S: Above mentioned services are only available for insurance, policies and matters related to Vashi 92A Branch.